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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Question no : 21 MM Purcasing Auto PO

The "Auto PO" indicator is set in which two master data views below ?

A)   Vendor master Company view & Material master MRP view.
B)   Vendor master Purchasing Org. view & Material master MRP view.
C)   Vendor master Purchasing Org. view & Material master Purchasing view.
D)   Vendor master General data view & Material master Purchasing view.
E)    Vendor master Purchasing Org. view & Material master Basic view.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Question no : 20 MM Purchasing Source Determination

When the system performing automatic source determination for a Purchase Requisition, no source were determined. Deduce why this could happen.

I)    More then one Purchase Info Record from different sources exist.
II)   An in-appropriate lot sizing key was set in the MRP view.
III)  An info record exist for one vendor and A contract exist for another vendor.
IV)  The accounting view of the material master is not yet created.
V)   The Plant was not activated for Automatic Source Determination in the IMG.

A)    I, V
B)    I, III
C)    I, II, III, IV,V
D)    I, IV, V
E)    I, III, V 

Question no : 19 QM Quality Level

The Quality department have a requirement to automatically tract the Quality Levels of the incoming raw materials using the SAP QM module, which of the following features you think would most appropriately addressed the requirement before further investigating the matter ?

A)   Sampling Procedure.
B)   Sampling Scheme.
C)   Dynamic Modification Rule.
D)   Quality Info Record.
E)    Inspection Plan.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Question no : 18 PP Execution Production Order consumptions

The production order registered a component reservation of 20 when it was released, the results of a one time  goods issue was carried out for 22 using movement type 261 with reference to the production order. Which of the following is correct regarding consumption posting will be registered which can be viewed in the material master consumption history view ?

A)   Total consumption = 22, unplanned consumption = 2.
B)   Total consumption = 20, unplanned consumption = 2.
C)   Planned consumption = 22, unplanned consumption = 2.
D)   Total consumption = 22, planned consumption = 20, unplanned consumption =2.
E)   Unplanned consumption = 2.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Question no : 17 MM Master Data Returnable Transport Packaging

The company decided to manage the palettes (or returnable transport packaging) from the vendor in the SAP system. It was decided that these types of material will have no values and accounting postings as the pallets belong to the vendor. The main interest is only to track the quantities.

What is the appropriate material type you should used to create these materials ?

A)   ROH
E)   RTP

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Question no : 16 MM Master Data "UMBW"

Select the correct characteristics of material type "UMBW" in the standard SAP system ?

A)   Without Qty update and without Value update.
B)   Without Qty update but with Value update.
C)   With Qty update and with Value update.
D)   With Qty update but without Value update.
E)    All the above are possible.

Question no : 15 PM Master Data Maintenance Plant

In SAP PM, What is the purpose of the organizational structure object called "Maintenance Plant" designed for the Plant Maintenance module ?

I)      Location of installed operational systems such as equipment and function location.
II)     Where maintenance work centers are assigned to.
III)    Planning for preventive maintenance takes place at.
IV)   Grouping of Logistics Plant for maintenance activities.

A)   I, III.
B)   I, II.
C)   II, III.
D)   I, IV
E)   III, IV.

Friday, June 26, 2009

SAP What is # 1 - What is "Last lot exact" ?

You can find the "Last Lot exact" parameter within the Lot size key in the Customizing.
Use IMG path -> MM -> CBP -> Planning -> Lot-Size Calculation -> Define Lot-Sizing Procedure to navigate to the Lot size parameter in SAP.

In the configuration of the Lot size key "EX", I have "SET" the Last Lot exact field. (I am just fine tuning the Standard Lot Size key of "EX" with Last Lot Exact for demonstrating this concept). You should copy the "EX" lot size to a self-defined Lot-Size Key that begins with "X", "Y", or "Z"; eg: X1 if you need it.

From SAP的学习和考试 Learning & Examination

Assume the following Material Master MRP setup using the Lot size key "EX" (with the Last lot exact parameter) and a rounding rule of 200. (see below).

From SAP的学习和考试 Learning & Examination

Notice that the first two planned order in the Stocks Requirement List is rounded to 200 (according to the Rouding value). However, the LAST LOT is at 50.

From SAP的学习和考试 Learning & Examination

CONCLUSION: The "Last Lot Exact" feature results in the last lot in the MRP calculation with ZERO Available Qty.

APPLICATION: Especially useful in End-Model Calculation where there is an agreement with the supplier to supply the exact quantity when model ends.

CAUTION: Does not apply to all Lot-Sizing Procedures.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Question no : 14 PM/CS Master Data Work Center

In SAP PM/CS, Which of the following is not true about Maintenance Work Centers ?

A)  You can only assign one cost center to one maintenance work center.
B)  You can only use one activity type for each maintenance work center.
C)  You can assign human resource personnel numbers to it.
D)  You can assign it to the equipment master.
E)  You can assign it to the bills of material.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Question no : 13 MM Purchasing Consignment Scneario

In consignment scenario, when is liability to vendor is created ?

I)   when the consignment purchase order is received.
II)  when the consignment stocks are transferred between storage locations.
III) when the consignment stocks is backflushed from a production order.
IV) when the consignment stocks is transferred to as own stocks.
V)  when the consignment stocks is returned to the vendor.

A)  III, IV.
B)  III, IV, V.
C)  I, II, III, IV, V
D)  IV only.
E)  III only

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question no : 12 MM Purchasing Consumable Scenario

What is the minimum material master data view required for Consumable Scenario Procurement ?

A)  Basic, Purchasing, and Accounting view.
B)  Basic, Purchasing, Accounting, and Costing view.
C)  Purchasing, Accounting, and Costing view.
D)  Purchasing, and Accounting view.
E)  Purchasing view.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Question no : 11 MM Purchasing Quota Arrangement case study

Consider the following scenario:
... Quota arrangement
    Vendor A : Quota = 2 / Quota Alloc.Qty = 1000 / Quota Based Qty = 0
    Vendor B : Quota = 1 / Quota Alloc.Qty = 500 / Quota Based Qty = 0
    Vendor C : Quota = 1 / Quota Alloc.Qty = 0 / Quota Based Qty = 10000
... All Vendor are valid Sources
The next Procurement Quantity of 2000
Lot sizing rule for the material was set to be Lot for Lot without splitting. 

Determine which vendor is selected via Source Determination.

A) Vendor A.
B) Vendor B.
C) Vendor C.
D) Vendor A and Vendor B with quantity split based on the Quota Ratios.
E) No Source can be determined.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Question no : 10 CO Product Costing Costing Sheet

In SAP CO, The costing sheet used for determining the overhead cost is assigned directly to which of the following CO object ?

A)  Valuation Variant.
B)  Costing Variant.
C)  Bills of Material & Routing Header.
D)  Material Master Costing View.
E)  Cost Estimate Table.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Question no : 9 QM Master Data Master Inspection Characteristics

Which of the following objects you can assign directly to the Master Inspection Characteristics in the QM module ?

A)  selected set.
B)  sampling procedure.
C)  document from DMS.
D)  inspection method.
E)  catalog code group and codes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Question no : 8 PM/CS Master Data BOM and Equipment

In SAP PM/CS, When the company purchased 100 units of equipment of the same model, what is the best method to assign the spare parts to these equipments so that you can pick them up easily in the maintenance/service order later ?

A)  Create them as equipment BOM.
B)  Create a material BOM for each of the 100 equipment and assigned them individually to each of the equipment as a construction type. 
C)  Create a hierarchy of equipment with sub-equipments.
D)  Create one material BOM and assigned them as construction type to all the equipments.
E)  Create a material BOM and call it directly from the maintenance order.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Question no : 7 PP Master Data BOM types

Which of the following BOM types are relevant for PP MRP run ?

I)   Material BOM
II)  Sales BOM
III) Equipment BOM
IV) Functional Location BOM
V)  Document BOM

A)   I only
B)   I, II
C)   I, II, III
D)   I, II, III, IV
E)   I, II, III, IV, V

Friday, February 6, 2009

Question on : 6 PP Master Data Material BOM

Which of the following objects you CANNOT assign to a "Material BOM" ?

I)   Material Master.
II)  Service Master.
III) Document from the DMS module.
IV) Class.
V)  Production Resource Tool.

A)   II, III, IV, V
B)   II, III, IV.
C)   II, IV, V.
D)   II, III, IV, V.
E)   II, V.

Question no : 5 PP MRP Material Master MRP View

What is TRUE regarding "you cannot access the stock requirements list of a material master if ...."

I)   You did not create at least MRP 1 & 2 views of the material master.
II)  You did create the MRP view but you forgot to enter a valid MRP type in the MRP 1 view.
III) The material does not have any existing demand and supplies.
IV) You left out the Purchasing view for that material master.
V)  Only the Basic view currently is created for that material master.

A)  V only.
B)   II, V.
C)   IV, V.
D)   II, IV, V.
E)   I, II, III, IV, V.

Question no : 4 PP MRP Logic

When will the system flag the "NETCH" indicator for a material master with strategy group 40 ?
(demands = planned independent requirements)

I)   New demands are introduced within the planning horizon.
II)  New demands are introduced outside the planning horizon.
III) The lot size key in the MRP 1 view is changed.
IV) The material status in the MRP 1 view is selected for MRP activation.
V)  Previous demands are removed from the planning horizon.

A)   I, II, V
B)   I, V
C)   II, V
D)   I, II, III, IV, V
E)    I, II, III, V

Question no : 3 PP MRP Lot Sizing Rule

Determine the expected lot size calculated by MRP based on the following data:

  Current stock is 100 units
  MRP type is Re-order point
  Re-order quantity is 500
  Fixed Lot size is 300
  Satety stock is 200
  Rounding value is 50

A) 1 planned order of 400 units.
B) 1 planned order of 600 units.
C) 2 planned orders of 300 units each.
D) 3 planned orders of 200 units each.
E) 1 planned order of 200 units and another planned order of 300 units.