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Friday, December 31, 2010

Question no : 911 MM Purchasing Source Determination

Consider the following conditions, which vendor is determined during source determination ?

.. Source list contains vendor A, B, C with vendor C blocked for a material.
.. All valid sources in the Source list are based on Purchasing Info Record.
.. Vendor A has a valid contract for the material concerned.
.. The material master Purchasing view do not have a source list indicator flagged.

(only one answer)

A)    Vendor A with the contract.
B)    Vendor B.
C)    Vendor C.
D)    Vendor A, B proposed on pop-up to be selected.
E)    Vendor A without the contract.

Question no : 910 PP MRP Strategy identification

In SAP PP MRP Strategy, which strategy has the following characteristics ?

.. Make-to-Stock
.. Planned Independent Requirement is Possible
.. Conversion to Production Order indicator is controlled by the system
.. Planned Order will have order type "VP" before Sales Order availability

A)   10.
B)    20.
C)    30.
D)    40.
E)    50.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Question no : 909 PP MRP Navigation Profile

Which of the following statements are TRUE about Navigation Profile ?

(more then one answers)

A)    It can be set at MRP element level.
B)    It is available for both MRP list and Stock Requirement List.
C)    It is assigned to the user via the Authorization Profile.
D)    It can be configured to be user specific.
E)    It is setup at the Plant level in the Configuration.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question no : 908 PP MRP Production in Another Plant

In Standard MRP delivered by SAP, the special procurement key "80" or "Production in Another Plant" has the following characteristics:

(more then one answers)

A)   The input material master need not be created in the Production Plant.
B)   The special procurement key is setup in the MRP 2 view of the output material in the Planning Plant.
C)   The bills of material is to be created in the Production Plant.
D)   The input material will have to be transferred to the Production Plant prior to goods issue.
E)    The output material is received directly into the Planning Plant.

Question no : 907 PP Master Data BOM

The main purpose of entering a negative quantity in the BOM item are used for which of the following purpose ?

(more then one answers)

A)    Byproduct.
B)    Coproduct.
C)    Scrap.
D)    Backflushing.
E)    Allow negative stock posting.

Question no : 906 MM-IM Good Receipt Tolerance

The tolerance for goods receipt have which the following characteristics :
(only one answer)

A)  It is setup in the MRP data view of the material master.
B)  It is setup in the Source list of the material master.
C)  It is setup in the Purchasing data view of the vendor master.
D)  It is setup in the Purchasing data view of the material master.
E)   It is setup in the plant parameter in the configuration.

Question no : 905 MM-IM Movement type 103

When performing Goods Receipt using movement type 103 for GR-Blocked Stock:
(more then one answers)

A)  In the MIGO screen, the storage location field is no longer accessible.
B)  The Purchase order Default Stock type field for Quality inspection or Block stock is not available.
C)  The Purhcase order history do not reflect the material document posted by this transaction.
D)  The material document showed in the Purchase Order history shows both Quantity and Amount as Zero.
E)  The material document showed int he Purchase order history shows QUntity but Amount as zero.

Answer: A, B, D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Question no : 904 MM-IM GR-Blocked Stock characteristics

Which of the following are the characteristics of GR-Blocked Stock ?
(more then one answers)

A)  The Plant must be configured to allowed Good Receipt into GR-Blocked Stock.
B)  The Plant and the Storage location must be configured to allowed Goods Receipt into GR-Blocked Stock.
C)  GR-Blocked Stock is always received at Plant level.
D)  Negative Stocks are not allowed for GR-Blocked Stock.
E)  Negative Stocks are possible for GR-Blocked Stock when using Non-Valuated GR-Blocked Stock.

Question no : 903 MM-IM Non-valuated GR-Blocked Stock

In non-valuated GR-Blocked stock, there are Accounting Postings during which of the following operations:
(more then one answers)

A)  Goods receipt into GR-Blocked Stock.
B)  Release of GR-Blocked stock to un-restricted stock type.
C)  Release of GR-Blocked stock to quality stock type.
D)  Cancel of of the Goods Receipt of the GR-Blocked Stock.
E)  Cancel of the Release of GR-Blocked stock.

Question no : 902 MM-IM GR-Blocked Stock

Which of the following is not correct about GR-Blocked Stock ?

A)  GR-Blocked Stock is always not valuated.
B)  Valuated or Non-Valuateed GR-Blocked Stock depends on Movement type used.
C)  GR-Blocked stock do not have Quality Inspection Stock type.
D)  GR-Blocked stock instructions can be set up in the Material Master.
E)  Both Quaality Inspection and Block Stock types are available for GR-Blocked stock depending on use of special stock indicator when carrying out the stocks movement.

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