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  Links, Magazines, Downloads

Introduction the ERP systems by Prof Garrett (video)
Successful ERP Implementation - Complexity vs Simplicity by VPSWalker Video Blog (video)
S/4 Hana - SAP's next Generation ERP by ComputerWorldUK (article)

SAP History (Past, Present and Future)
SAP Events Webinars Conference Dates (link)
SAP Financial Reports (link)
SAP History (link)
SAP Insider Conferences and Seminars (link)
SAP News Center (link)
SAP Webcast Lounge
SAPinsider Online Webinar List (link)
What is SAP ? by ERP-Trainig (video)
The SAP Story by SAP Netherlands (video)
SAP 40 Years of Innovation by SAPtv (video)
The Importance of S/4 Hanaby STPtv (video)
SAP in Design Thinking by SAP (video)
The Future of Networks by SAP (video)

SAP Getting Started
ERP-Genie Portal (useful for beginners) (link) 
SAP Getting Started (SAP Help)
SAP R/3 Style Guide (SAP Help) Community
SAP HANA Useful Links
SAP NewsRoom
SAP On-line Help
SAP Techies Support Portal
SAP User-Groups world wide
SAP Web Cast and Events
The SAP Fan Club
SAP TV in youtube

Learning SAP Technology Trends (Blogazine)
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2014 December
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 January
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 February
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 March 
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 April
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 May
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 June
SAP Architecture Focus blogazine 2015 August 

SAP Best Practice
SAP Best Practices Baseline package V1. – V2.605 (Malaysia)
SAP Best Practices for Automotive Suppliers
SAP Best Practices for Food & Beverages
SAP Best Practices for Pharmaceuticals
SAP Best Practices for Mining
SAP Best Practices for Utilities

SAP Magazines, Books
SAP ABAP Online Magazine

SAP Industry Solutions
SAP Business Maps (SAP)
SAP for Automotive (SAP Help Portal)
SAP for Automotive (SAP Service Marketplace)
SAP for Automotive (SAP Community Network)
SAP for Automotive Industry Briefing Book (slides)
SAP for Automotive Industry Whiteboard by SAP (video)
SAP for Automotive Overview by SAP (video)
Running a Car company with SAP Automotive Solution by SAP (video)
SAP Automotive Forum 2013: The Car of the Future by SAP D-A-CH (video)
Connected Car the Future of automotive industry by Future Trends (video)
SAP and BMW bring you the Connected Car (video)
Inside the Conncted Car by Autoline Network (video)
Connected Car conference - the Internet of Things (and Car) by CEWeekNY (video)

SAP for Aerospace & Defense (SAP Help)
SAP for Consumer Products (SAP Help)
SAP for Discrete Industries & Mill Products (SAP Help)
SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations (SAP Help)
SAP for High Tech (SAP Help)
SAP for Mining (SAP Help)
SAP for Oil & Gas (SAP Help)
SAP for Retail (SAP Help)
SAP for Utilities (SAP Help)

SAP Certification
SAP Certification (SAP)
SAP Training & Certification Shop (SAP)

Consolut IDES ERP6.0 Access (Link)
Consolut IDES Online Help PDFs (Link to pdfs)
Consolut International AG: IDES E62 6.05 External WebGUI (Link)
Consolut IDES Hosting
SAP Chargeable training sessions

Non-SAP Productivity Tools
Cam Studio (record screen & audio activity on the computer)
FreeMind (mind mapping tool)
Open Office (open source office-suite)
Snagit (screen capture)

TERP10 students references
SAP Financial Supply Chain
SAP Financial New G/L
SAP Financial Strategic Enterprise Management

SAP ERP Enhancement Packages Release Notes
SAP ECC6.0 EhP2 (SAP Help)
SAP ECC6.0 EhP3 (SAP Help)
SAP ECC6.0 EhP4 (SAP Help)
SAP ECC6.0 EhP5 (SAP Help)
SAP ECC6.0 EhP6 (SAP Help)
SAP ECC6.0 EhP7 (SAP Help)
SAP ECC6.0 EhP7 (SAP News Center)

Professional Associations Links
AME (Association of Manufacturing Excellence)
APS (American Purchasing Society)
APICS (American Production & Inventory Control Society)
ASQ (American Society of Quality)
CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
CISM (Chartered Institute of Warehouse & Materials Management)
CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply)
CSCPP (Council of Supply Chain Professionals)
IoSM (Institue of Supply Chain Management)
NASP (National Association of Sales Professionals)
PMI (Project Management Institute)
POMS (Production & Operations Management Society) 
SMRP (Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals)

Professional Publications Links
APICS Publications (Supply Chain and Operations Management related)
Economic Times (Articles about Manufacturing Companies)
Inbound Logistics
Industry Week (Operations) 
International Journal of Supply and Operations Management
Lean Management Journal
Manufacturing.Net (Manufacturing and Product Development News)
McKinsey & Company (Sahping the future of Manufacturing)
PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge)
Supply Chain Digital
Supply Chain Digest
Supply Chain Management Review 
The Asia Journal of Shipping and Logistics
The Manufacturer
The Manufacturing Business Technology

SAP Financials (Presentations and Videos)
SAP New General Ledger general idea by iLearningCampus (video)
An Analysis of effective Financial Supply Chain Management by Dr. Revathi Pandian (slides)
SAP Financial Supply Chain on Receivables from Richard Barrett (video)
SAP Financial Supply Chain In-House Cash currency swap by iLearningCampus (video)

SAP Supply Chain Management (Presentations and Videos)
MRP Basics for Students of Non-Operations Professional by Jess Marino (video)
SAP SCM Beginners Guide by Pryanka Urla (video)
What is Supply Chain Management from Will Garate (video)
SAP APO in a Nutshell by Ken Robert (slides)
SAP Production Planning & Manufacturing on ERP by SAPSchool (video)
SAP X-Steps Cafe 1 (Introduction) by Arne Manthey (video)
SAP X-Steps Cafe 2 (Commands and Events) by Arne Manthey (video)
SAP X-Steps Cafe 3 (BaDIs for Symbols and Genration Scopes) by Arne Manthey (video)
Kanban in 5 minutes by Axosoft (video)
SAP Manufacturing Future Factory by SAPVideoMOM (video)
Open Integrated Factory by SAPVideoMOM (video)
SAP Connected Manufacturing by SAPVideoMOM (video)
Walmart Supply Chain by UNIGlobalUnion (video)
Future Supply Chain 2016 by MarcomWebContent (video)
The Next Generation Supply Chain Solutions by Take (video)
Supply Chain Management : The Beer Game by Kettering U (video)
Beer Game Demo by SeeWhyMusic (video)
The Bullwhip Effect by Dylan Van Heerden (video)
Undesrtanding and Optimizing Inventory in Supply Chains by GTSCL (video)
Using Analytics to Optimize Supply Chain Performance by siaaccess (video)

Theory of Constraint (Presentations and Videos)
Theory of Constraints (Wikipedia)
The Goal (Wikipedia)
The Goal sypnosis (article)
Understanding the Goal (slides)
What is TOC by Eli Goldratt (video)
Goldratt on Viable Vision - Theory of Constraint by Dr Lisa Lang (video)
Goldratt's Theory of Constraint - An Introduction by Fred Wiersma (slides)
The Theory of Constraints and its Thinking Process (Goldratt Institute) (pdf)
TOC : 3 Bottle Oil-Wheel Demonstration by Arrie Van Nierkerk (video)
Goldratt Lecture Thinking Globally (video)
Theory of Constraint by Eka Damardi (slides)
Solving problems using the TOC by SixSigmaMoneyBelt (video)
The Goal : The Dramatic Version preview by TrainingABC (video)

SAP Logistics Execution, Inventory and Warehouse Management (Presentations and Videos)
SAP Logistics Execution Webinar 2012 by ProsoftTechnologyGroup (video)
Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management by SAPSchool (video)
Lean Warehousing by GTSCL (video)
What is Logistics ? Warehouse systems from design to service by Wiltron Logistik (video)
Implementing a Warehouse Management System by PathGuideTech (video)
Receiving and Putaway animation by SideUpReply (video)
Order picking and Shipping animation by SideUpReply (video)
Lightning Packing (pack to light) by Lightning Pick (video)
Voice Picking by PCProjectsTV (video)
Inventory Management Best Practices 60 minutes by ManhattanAssociates (video)
Amazon's Warehouse Processing by BloodyBaron (video)
Inside Amazon the Online Giant Mega Fullfillment Centre by ABCNews (video)
Lean Warehouse Concepts and Principles lecture by GTSCL (video)
Coca Cola Warehouse Seville by ChrisEvans (video)
Warehouse Layout and Material Flow lecture by Dr. Edward H. Frezelle (video)
Warehosue Layout lecture by Dr. Edward H. Frezelle (video)

SAP EWM (Wikipedia)
SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) (SAP Help)
SAP EWM Release (SAP slides)
EWM Webinar Series Part 1 Inbound Process by Logistar (video)
EWM Webinar Series Part 2 Outbound Process by Logistar (video)
SAP EWM Content (slides)
SAP WM or EWM (slides)
SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Solution v1.701 (slides)
What is Cross-Docking by CrossDockManitoba (video)
Cross-Docking animated explanation by DataLogicAccuSort (video)
Cross-Docking by Mccombs Well (video)
The Roadway Freight-Handling Cross-Docking case study by Trommerinc (video)

SAP Customer Relationship Management (Presentations and Videos)
CRM (Wikipedia)
SAP CRM (Wikipedia)
SAP CRM solution overview (SAP pdf)
CRM cartoon (CenturyLink video)
Introduction to CRM (FrugalTech video)
CRM by Leo Reo (video)
SAP CRM Tutorial for beginners (sapschool video)
SAP CRM (SAP slidesshare)
Overview of SAP CRM (guru99 article)
SAP CRM help, news, research
SAP CRM Technologies
SAP CRM Developers corner
SAP CRM Functional Training 1 (video)
SAP CRM Functional Training 2 (video)
SAP CRM Organizational Model (sapschool video)
SAP CRM WebUI (video)
SAP CRM eBooks source
UI Guidelines for SAP CRM WEbClient User Interface (pdf) 

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (Presentations and Videos)
SRM (Wikipedia)
SRM (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) 
Supply Management Topics and Writings (CIPS link)
Supply Management Insights (Institute of Supply Management)
What is SRM (SAP Help)
Supplier Managment (SAP slides)
Introduction to SRM by SAPSchool (video)
Introduction to SRM by PositivePurchasing (video)
SRM, what problems should it solve by FPP perspective (video)
SRM explained by B2b whiteboard (video)
SRM Best Practices by David Wholer (video)
SAP SRM 7.0 Enhancement Pack 1 Overview from SAP (video)
Supply Relationship Management 7.0 from SAP (slides)
SRM Research 2012-2013 Capgemini (slides)
SRM Research 2012-2013 Capgemini (pdf)
Supplier Relationship Principles and Practices (pdf)
IT Computer Supplier Relationship Management (

SAP Product Life-Cycle Management (Presentations and Videos)
E&HS for Beginners (slides)
What is SAP E&HS (slides)
SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions (video)
SAP PLM EhP7 What's News (video)

SAP Human Capital Management (Presentations and Videos)
SAP HR Learning Guide for Beginners (slides)
What is SAP HCM by SAPSchool (video)
A Day in the life of HR by PeopleStremeHCM (video)
A animated time-line of HR by PeopleMattersOnLine (video)
Recruitment and Selection Process in an Organization by IkenEdu (video)
SAP Cloud for Travel and Expenses 2015 by SAPCloud (video)
SAP Enterprise Compensation Management with mySAP ERP (slides)
SAP HR overview (slides)  
SAP HR overview tutorial for beginners by SAP Tutorials (video)

SAP Clouds (Presentations and Videos)
How SAP is going to simply its ERP (link)
SAP Cloud Solutions (slides)
SAP Line of Business (LOB) Story (slides)
Learnng Cloud Computing with Amazon Services by CloudComputingTutorial (video)
The Basics of Cloud Computing by Betz (video)
What is Cloud Computing ? by StdcMarketing (video) 
Explaining Cloud Computing by ExplainingComputers (video)
The Three Ways to Cloud Compute by ExplainingComputers (video)
Cloud Computing for Business from Physical to Virtual to Cloud  by Sirius Computer Solutions (video) 
Cloud Computing Explained by HighTechDad (video)
What is Cloud in Pictures with MattMansfield (video)
What is Cloud Computing ? A Fun learning experience by CloudITbetter (video)
An introduction to Cloud Computing by LearningTreeInternational (video)
Cloud Computing made simple by InTechnology (video)
Cloud Computing Simplified by Techo Talk (video)
A Fun way Cloud Computing explained (video)
Cloud Computing Tutorials for Beginners (video)
Cloud Computing: What is Cloud Computing by Microsoft Learning (video)
Cloud Computing explained animation by crazylizarddancer (video)
Cloud Computing animation by fahaimedia (video)
Cloud Computing benefits by Mcquarie Telekom (video)
Cloud Computing advantages and disadvantages by LearningTreeInternational (video)
The Three Ways Cloud Computes by Explaining Computers (video)
Cloud Computing in Simple English by CloudDistributionChannel (video)
Stephen Fries explains Cloud Computing (video)
Connecting to the Cloud by DataBarracks (video)
SAP Cloud in a short by SAPNordic (video)
Introduction to Cloud Computing by EliTheComputerGuy (video)
Cloud Computing 101 by TrainSignal (video)
SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) by SAPServices (video)
SAP Cloud update 2014 Q1 by SAPCloud (video)
Gardner's seven Cloud Computing Risk by CloudPro (video)
SAP Forecast 7X Cloud Growth Next Generation ERP by ComputerWorldUK (article) 
How to Get Cloud Architecture & Design Right first time 2012 by David Linthicum (video) 

SAP Social Solutions (Presentations and Videos)
SAP Social Solutions Engage your Customers on Social Media by SAPCloud (video)

BazaarVoice (slides)
BazzarVoice Media (summit 2013) (video)
BazzarVoice Connections by BazzarVoice Incorporated (video)
BazzarVoice the Company by BazzarVoice Incorporated (video)

FanAppz (slides)
FanAppz uses Hana to power Social Connection (video) 

Scout Analytics (slides)
Scout Analytics Demo (video)

SAP Cloud for Customer Collaboration using SAP Jam by SAPCloud (slides)
SAP Jam for Marketing by SAPCloud (video)
SAP SuccessFactors Jam Social Solution by Pushkar (video)
Jam overview by SuccessFactorSinc (video)
SAP Jam and Aasonn Enabling Companies to Drive Value through Collaboration by SAPCloud (video)
SAP Jam for HR, Learning and Knowledge Management by SAPCloud (video)
SAP Jam for Sales by SAPCloud (video)
SAP Jam Features Tour by alvarocc10 (video)
The Latest on SAP Jam from ASUGtv (video)
How the San Jose Sharks Organization uses SAP Jam to improve Collaboration by SAPCloud (video)
Village of Schaumburg Helps serve its Citizen using SAP Jam by SAPCloud (video)
SAP Jam for iPad prototype by SAPCloud (video)

Lotus Notes with Alloy (slides)

Mind Touch (slides)
Mind Touch tour with SAP integration (video)
Mind Touch the Power of Product Help (video)
Mind Touch Salesforce integration tour (video)

Pricing Strategy using SAP Vendavo (slides)
SAP Cloud for Customer - Vendavo amd SAP strategy (video)

SnapEngage (slides) 
SnapEngage Live Chat solution with SAP ByDesign (video)
SnapEngage (video)
SnapEngage enabled for SAP (video)
SnapEngage & Grip interviews (video)

NetBase Social Media Analytics by SAPInsidePresales (video)

SAP Business One (Presentations and Videos)
SAP Business One Function Details (slides)
SAP Business One (Version 9.0) (slides)
SAP Business One Navigation by MichellConsultingGroup (video)
SAP Business One System Demo by EntryPoint (video)
SAP Business One What is it ? by HandsOnERP (video)
Tips and Tricks SAP Business One by MichellConsultingGroup (video)
An Introducing SAP Business One 8.8 by RichardDuffy (video)
An overview of SAP Business One version 9.0 by RichardDuffy (video)
SAP Business One version 9.1 features by SAPBusinessOne (video)
SAP Business One Financials by MarkTan (video)
SAP Business One Purchasing by LeverageTechnologies (video)
SAP Business One Inventory by AetherConsulting (video)
SAP Business One MRP by LeverageTechnologies (video)
SAP Business One Production by AetherConsulting (video)
SAP Business One Sales Order Management 8.8 by RichardDuffy (video) 
SAP Business One Excel Integration version 9.1 by LeverageTechnologies (video)
SAP Business One on iPad from BusinessOneNews (video)
SAP Business One Mobile application from RichardDuffy (video)
SAP Business One Mobile App1.3 on iphone from RichardDuffy (video)
SAP Business One (Isuzu Trucks experience) from SAPBusinessOne (video)
Analytics for SAP Business One in 150 seconds from SAPBusinessOne (video)
Workbench Editor for SAP Business One 9.1 on Hana from SAPBusinessOne (video)

SAP Mobile (Presentations and Videos)
SAP Mobile Apps Portfolio and Strategy by SAPMobile (slides)
SAP Mobile Platform by AlbertsPijkers (slides)
SAP Mobile rationale a short from SAP (video)
The Future of Work from SAP (video)

SAP Netweaver (Presentations and Video)
Architecture of SAP Netweaver (SAP Help)
SAP Netweaver Technology Stack overview (video)
SAP Netweaver Gateway tutorial from SAPTechnologies (video)
Find the right guide to SAP Netweaver with only 6 clicks

SAP UI (Presentations and Videos) 

SAP Fiori (Introduction) by SAPMobile (slides)
SAP Fiori Deployment Example by PaulS (slides)
SAP Fiori UX (Apps Overview) by GuillaumeGarcia (slides)
SAP Fiori and SAP Enterprise Portal from SAP (slides)
SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Persona SAP Positing by SAPNetherlands (slides)
SAP Fiori an Introductory by BeenK (video)
SAP Fiori What is it from KevinRichardson (video)
SAP Fiori Launchpad by SAPPortal (video)
SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal by SAPPortal (video)
SAP Fiori Launchpad Smartphoneby SAPPortal (video)
SAP Fiori Launchpad Desktop by SAPPortal (video)
SAP Fiori Demo by SAPEnterpriseMobile (video)
SAP Fiori Dashboard preview

GuiXT (Wikipedia)
GuiXT the Company (link)
Lets Start with GuiXT from SAPCommunityNetwork (link)
SAP GuiXT (Simplying SAP Plant Maintenance) from DeeDeeKato (slides)
SAP GuiXT Rexam Testimonial by OfficialGuiXT (video)
SAP GuiXT Designer Tutorial by OfficialGuiXT (video)
SAP GuiXT Mobile Webinar by OfficialGuiXT (video)
SAP Liquid UI Case Study from DeeDeeKato (slides)
SAP Liquid UI Workbench (a Plant Maintenance example) by OfficialGuiXT (video)
SAP Liquid UI integrating SAP Google Web Services and Safari by OfficialGuiXT (video)
SAP Liquid UI with IOS Multi-session by OfficialGuiXT (video)
SAP Screen Personas (Overview) by PeterSpielvogel (slides)
SAP Screen Personas (Design Process) by PeterSpielvogel (slides)
SAP Screen Personas (EAM Centric Example) by AugustinePSpivak (slides) 
SAP Screen Personas (ASUG 2014) by PeterSpielvogel (slides)
SAP Screen Personas (Design HandBook) from SAP (slides)
SAP Screen Personas Explained by TwanVanDenBroek (video)
SAP Screen Personas How to Get Started by SAPImagineering (video)
SAP Screen Personas Webinar Introduction by IndusCommunity (video)
SAP Screen Personas Demo by SAP Imagineering (video)
SAP Screen Personas Java Script examples by SAPImagineering (video)
How to Run Simple with Screen Personas by Dickinson Associates (video

SAP Hana (Presentations and Videos)
SAP Hana (Overview and RoadMap) from SAPCommunityNetwork (slides) 
SAP Hana (Enterprise Cloud) from SAP (slides)
SAP Hana (In-Memory Database Platform for Big Data) by SAPDBTechnology (slides) 
SAP Hana (Technical Overview) from SAP (slides)
SAP BW Powered by Hana by ZaranTech (video)
SAP Hana What is it from HandsOnERP (video)
SAP Hana 1.0 SP7 Training Session Recording by ZaranTech (video)
SAP Hana in-Memory explained by JFDierCkx (video)
SAP Hana for BW why? by Bi-RueConsulting (video)
SAP Hana an Introductory by SAPSchool (video)
SAP Hana What's New (google hangout on-air session) (video)
The future of SAP Hana with Vishal Sikkk (video)
Vishal Sikka at TiEcon 2012 from TheSiliconValley (video)
Planning migration to Hana but worried about Business Downtime

Big Data (Presentations and Videos)
What is Big Data ? from Guru99 (video)
Big Data Analyis Introduction by WizlQ (video)
Big Data Why Cultures Makes Big Data Bigger by SAPNetherlands (video)

Big Data Architecture for Modern Data Supply Chain by SAPNetherlands (video)
Big Data to support Efficiency Business by SAPNetherlands (video)
Big Data Mining by wwl0002 (video)

SAP Business Intelligence (Presentations and Videos)
SAP Business Intelligence general overview by JakeSchur (video)
SAP BI history via (video)

Introduction to SAP BW (video)
SAP BW Architecture Part 1 (video)
SAP BW Architecture Part 2 (video)
SAP BW 7.4 sp5 on Hana (slides)

SAP Business Objects Explorer (SAP)
SAP Business Objects (SAP)
SAP Business Objects Mobile (App Store link)
Business Objects 4.x by TLTechnologies (slides)
Key Considerations for moving to Business Objects 4.1 by AlbertsPijkers (slides)
Introduction to SAP Business Objects by TLTechnologies (slides)

Everything XCelsius (link)
XCelsius Beginners Guide Part 1 by XCelsiusInfo (video)
XCelsius Beginners Guide Part 2 by XCelsiusInfo (video)
XCelsius Beginners Guide Part 3 by XCelsiusInfo (video)
XCelsius Beginners Guide Part 4 by XCelsiusInfo (video)
XCelsius What if Scenarios by XCelsius2008 (video)
XCelsius 2008 User Guide (pdf)
XCelsius 2008 Demos and Sample Donwloads from SAP (link)

SAP Crystal Report Dashboard (SAP Help)
SAP Crystal Report 2008 by SAPCrystal (video)
Crystal Report Lesson 1 Intro by BurlingaMePJ (video)
Crystal Report Lesson 2 Adding tables by BurlingaMePJ (video)
Crystal Report Lesson 3 Formatting 1 by BurlingaMePJ (video)
Crystal Report Lesson 4 Formatting 2 by BurlingaMePJ (video) 
Crystal Report Lesson 5 Formulas overview by BurlingaMePJ (video)
Crystal Report Lesson 6 Formulas by BurlingMePJ (video) 

What is SAP Lumira (SAP Help)
SAP Lumira (link)

SAP Mind (Presentations and Videos)
History of Design Thinking in SAP (video)
Design Thinking with SAP (video) 
Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation (The Stamford Experience (non-SAP) (video)
Design Thinking (Training oneself to be more innovative by Stamford non-SAP) (video)
SAP Innovation Management (video) 
The New SAP Innovation Management Solution (2014 Webinar) (video)
Turning Ideas into results via SAP Innovation Management (video)
Lean Startup meets Design Thinking (video)

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IOT) Means by Intel (video)
The Internet of Things : Architecture and Protocol by CiscoLive (video)

The Toyota Way
The Toyota Way to Excellence by Jeffrey Liker (video)
History of the Toyota Production System (TPS) (video)
Toyota Lean Manufacturing (video)
Toyota Kentucky by ToyotaNorthAmerica (video)
Toyota the Global Story (socialontology) (video)
Toyota's 8 step Practical Problem Solving Methodology by GembaAcademy (video) 
Lean and Toyota (wwwleanbloghu) (video) 
University ot Toyota Lean Manufacturing Simulation (video)  
Toyota - IW Best Plant Conference keynote by ShankarBashu (video)

I believe those who shared their knowledge in the web welcome links to their shared knowledge 
as I do and I therefore share my readings and learning from the web with you. Results of clicking the links is not the responsibility of the Blogger.