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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Question no 3392 : A BOM without a Plant

In SAP PP as at ECC6.0 EhP6, a BOM can be created without a Plant which is called a ________________ .

(only one answer)

A)   Group BOM.
B)   Plant-independent BOM.
C)   Plant-less BOM.
D)   Top-less BOM.
E)   Head-less BOM.

Answer: A

C,D,E) does not sound right.
In CS01, in the initial screen if typed in Material and BOM Usage without the Plant and press enter, the system prompts a message that "Group BOM will be created". Nevertheless, you will have to assign the Group BOM to one or more Plants later in it to be used in MRP and Production Execution.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Question no 3391 : QM master data at the Plant level

In SAP QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following QM Master Data are defined at the Plant level ?

(more than one answers)

A)   Sampling Procedure.
B)   Dynamic Modification Rule.
C)   Master Inspection Characteristics.
D)   Inspection Plan.
E)   Quality Info Record.

Answer: C, D, E

A,B) Sampling Proc. and DMR are created at the client level and can be used for any plants.

Friday, May 26, 2017

May the Force of SAP be with You

Q: When R2-D2 cannot solve a problem, where will it first search for a possible solution ? 
A: SAP Notes.

Q: Where did Yoda get his Jedi Training ? 
A: SAP Academy.

Q: Where will all the Jedi's go when they are dead ?
A: SAP Cloud.

Q: What year did Darth Vader met the SAP Founders ?
A: 1972.

Q: What happen in the year 1977 when Star Wars was first Released ? 
A: SAP moved from Weinheim to Walldorf.

Q: Why was "Empire Strikes Back" a successful sequel to the Star Wars movie series ? 
A: Because all the Sales Processing of the sequel was done using SAP SD module release in 1980.

Q: Which Certificate they always forget to issue to successful SAP Certification examinees ? 
A: The Jedi Certificate.

Q: When will SAP issue the Jedi Certificate to SAP Consultants ?
A: When an SAP Consultant successfully passed 25 Certificate Exams.

Q: Who was SAP's first and only Supreme Jedi Master ? 
A: Hasso Plattner, because he had over 100 Certification Exams titles under his Belt.

Q: What was really behind the "Force" in Star Wars ? 
A: Initially was SAP's Life-Cache Technology but today the "Hana" which is 33 times faster.

Q: What is the best training ground for future Jedi ? 
A: a SAP Project.

Q: When did Anakin's Jedi masters know he was leaning towards the dark side? 
A: When Anakin failed ABAP exam the 2nd time.

Q: How was Luke Skywalker trained in such a short time by Yoda?
A: Because Yoda used the ASAP methodology.

Q: Why does Vader appears in the original film trilogy and still appear in Rogue One after 40 years ? 
A: Because he fully embraces the SAP Echo-System.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Question no 3390 : Equipment Calibration using QM

In SAP PM-QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following links the Measuring Point to the Master Inspection Characteristics so that Calibration Results from the Result Recording are written automatically as Measurement Documents for the Measuring Point ?

(only one answer)

A)   Inspection Point.
B)   Dynamic Modification Rule.
C)   Classification Characteristics.
D)   Unit of Measure.
E)   Inspection Type.

Answer: C

Measuring Point - Classification Characteristics - Master Inspection Characteristics

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Question no 3389 : Dynamic Modification

In SAP QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, the Stages in the Dynamic Modification Rule are linked to the Sampling Scheme's Lot Size table via which of the following ?

(only one answer)

A)   Stage Change.
B)   Inspection Severity.
C)   Inspection Stage.
D)   Sampling Instruction.
E)   Inspection Rule.

Answer: B

The common key is the Inspection Severity that creates the Sampling Sizing rule in the Sampling Scheme and it is the LINK in the Stage change table within the Dynamic Modification Rule.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The SAP Job

Many students ask me this question from 1990s until today.

"Is it the right time to take-up an SAP Job ? " or

"When is the right time to be an SAP Consultant ? "

I don't give an answer but ask them these questions,

"Can or will you go back to school to become a Doctor or Lawyer ?"
"Do you think you can get a job as a CEO soon ?"
"Do you have a lot of money now and wish to take a risk to go into business ?"
"If you have a lot of money and want to to make more, would you quit your day job and invest in the share markets or binary options or similar such things to make a living ?"
"Some Insurance people and Direct selling people make a lot of money, you think you want to do that kind of work ?"
"And If you don't have money now, do you want to make a lot of money ?"

Certainly not every job in the real world is right for everyone!

Most people or I think ALL people, work because of MONEY. And If you so think that MONEY is not important, go live in the jungle, quit your day job now and do a simple job of let say $1200 MYR a month OR go live in the jungle to be ONE-with-NATURE and live happily ever after. If you still live in the city with $1-2K MYR per month then you will have to Walk, don't buy a car, live in a very low cost apartment, no mobile phone for you as the phone bill will kill you. 

Wanting more MONEY is the only thing that keeps you alive and keeps you going everyday, usually the more the merrier ! 

Next, lets do something interesting Googling ! 

Just do a Web Search of the 10 Top paid jobs in the World List, I did that just now again this time using Google Search

#1 Anesthesiologists
#2 Internists
#3 Obstetricians and Gynecologists
#4 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
#5 Orthodontists
#6 Physicians and Surgeons
#7 Surgeons
#8 CEO of a Big Company
#9 Family and General Practitioners
#10 Psychiatrists

They all make a minimum of $150,000 USD or $660,000 MYR per year. (that's minimum or maybe average, I think)

9 of the Top #10 are Medical Fields except the CEO. 

I cannot start to imagine the amount of pressure and responsibilities of a successful doctor or CEO who are making those kind of money!

BUT, to be a Doctor, Lawyer, CEO, even an Accountant or Engineer requires Professional Qualifications. In SAP, you can have a Social Science degree, or just a Wood Working Diploma and you can become an SAP Consultant. Seriously, I know many who only have an O-level and they are senior consulants. I know a Malay friend who had a form 5 certificate but worked in a factory as a store supervisor and had a chance to be involved in an SAP MM WM project. Few years later, he went to the middle east and made $250, 000 USD in 6 months (Tax Free). He came back and bought a house for his wife. then he went back to the middle east to make more money, that was 15 years ago! Last I heard, he never did stop working in the middle east and commutes 3-4 times a year back to KL. No need to discuss about family life and all that, leave that out of this discussion, last heard he is still happily married anyway. We are only talking about MONEY! And most of the time, MONEY can buy LOVE! A Sarawakian I know now in his 60's has been doing SAP since the early 90s (like me), he became a freelancer around 1995. He always say to me his wife and family are the happiest people in the world despite he only goes back to his multi-million dollar home in the most luxurious district in Singapore maybe 1-2 times a year. So, don't be naive, MONEY really can buy everything, including happiness. So, the FACTS; if you can't be a Doctor nor Lawyer, and CEO is a far fetch thing, and you have little or no money, even if you have some but does not like to risk your money in business, but still think you want a lot of money, then try your luck in the SAP world especially if you are still Single. 

For goodness sake, don't work in the SAP Partner company for that $4,000 to $6000 MYR per month for more than 3 years, they are just using you and working you like a donkey. By 3 years of hard work and taking all the "beating" in the field, you should have gain enough "Kung Fu" and leave the Shaolin Temple! If you are still thinking your productivity as a permanent staff will result in annual bonuses and increment, DREAM on! The company will always announce that the previous years business was not that good and lets work harder for a stronger year and we promise a brighter future for you, while the bosses change their BMWs every year! If you are the boss, you will likely do the same, it's just the business strategy 101! Same old stories in every SAP Partner consulting company, they are just using you for their own big fat pocket and maybe they deserve it as the company are taking all the risk! Don't get me wrong, there are no free lunch in this world. You chose to work and get paid, you yourself decide to stick around or leave, it is just a business relationship between two parties. As I always say, if you go to work everyday and curse every moment of it, it is probably sensible to leave, else it is not good for your health and your mind! 

On a serious note. 
What does an SAP Consultant make in a year ?

The Annual Salary in USA is from $55,000 to $165,000 USD per year. And I know many SAP Consultants don't even have a Degree and are making that kind of money, Tax Free in the middle east! In Europe, the last offer I know was 800 Euro an Hour for a Senior SAP Consultant. Even after tax and expenses deduction, lets say you get 300 Euro. 
Some maths here:

300 Euro x 8 hours x 20 days x 12 months = 576,000 Euro ! 
OMG, almost 3,000,000 MYR per year !!!

OK, OK! lets say you only get Net 50 Euro per hour lor !
50 Euro x 8 hours x 20 days x 12 months = 96,000 Euro !
and that is still maybe like 500,000 MYR per year wor !!!

I rest my case !

You can make a lot of money as an SAP Consultant if you want to and I really mean a lot of MONEY. Whether a Project fail and successful, you will get the money and move on to another Project. That's how freelancers make the money. Nowadays, the model is that the so called senior Consultants who are freelancers just cook up Blue Prints and walk off to another Blue Print cooking another project. There are no responsibility and accountability required, and the beauty is that neither it can be monitored or measured that easily.

Some Blue Prints I read last year are really so child dish written by so called Senior experienced SAP Consultants, believe it or not, the customer sign them and the execution of the Blue Print are done by very "blur" Junior Consultants who are guessing what was written in the Blue Print ! And when I try to call the Consultants who wrote the Blue Print, all I get is excuses! Wow ! It is not a Revelation, It is a really again and again a reality I see throughout my SAP career for over 25 years. As I can see again and again, there are ABSOLUTELY ZERO Accountability in people to write Blue Prints, and the very FUNNY thing is that most IGNORANT customer Signs the Blue Print ! And the Partner company will put in Junior Consultants to execute the Blue Prints, I mean I salute both the owners of these SAP Partner companies and those poor "permanent staff" Junior Consultants who are so Gung Ho enough to take up the Challenges. Do 1 or 2 cycles of these projects, These Juniors will be able to do Blue Prints.

SAP Consulting is EASY. The difficult part is when the Project Go Life and problem will surface one by one, and usually the Support Consultants (usually permanent staff) will have to bear the "Brunt" of Go-Life support.

In doing an SAP Project, you don't tell a lie but you don't have to be truthful as well. You only need to have some people skill and talk your way in or out of those SAP things. Anyway, if things don't work out, you can always blame the Software which is created by someone else. By the way Project life cycles are short, 2 or 3 months of dilly dally with $25,000 to $75,000 MYR monthly salary  (Freelance Consulting) and off you go to another Blue Print. Nowadays, Blue Prints are executed by permanent staff (Junior consultants) from the Partner company. The Blue Print Chefs are Freelancers. Brush up your people skill, learn to speak in public confidently, improve your English proficiency to be better then the next person (it is easy in Malaysia as our English is really bad, so improve that English will help you a lot). 

Bear in mind, as an SAP Consultant, there are no Risk, not even reputation. I know a few APO Consultants who had worked on 10 out of 10 APO projects declared failure but still move on to another APO Project and making over $100,000 MYR per month; that's $1,200,000 MYR per year! Go work in a Tax Free country and you will be filthy rich after a few years! and you will want more of it.

Never worry if you are not ready. If you wait until you are Ready, the Boat already Left. Think like this, Hell! Partners hire any "abled" bodies and whether you are ready or not, they will put you in the shark pool delivering/executing those Blue Prints written by the Freelancers. Go ahead, do one or two cycles of those, then quit and become freelance SAP Consultants. Take those Blue Prints, copy and paste when you become the Blue Print Chef. I guarantee if you love money, you will make a lot of money as an SAP Consultant. 

The current SAP market in Malaysia is like this, be a Freelancer and only do Blue Prints, and I guarantee you will make a lot of money! ABSOLUTELY no Accountability required BECAUSE I witness rubbish Blue Prints signed by Customers again and again and again for many many years. The same Consultants who writes these Blue Prints are still in the Market claiming themselves as Principle and Senior Senior Consultants doing the same thing over and over again. 

For those who are Single and still working as a permanent staff for a few thousand ringgit per month in a partner company, God Bless you! 阿弥陀佛! Alhamdulillah! Hallelujah! You either love that company or you hate yourself else I think something is seriously wrong with you! 

I can tell you this, the Freelancers out there are no better than you. Believe in you abilities and make the right judgments to take things in your own hands, if MONEY is the motivation, let it be. If you think MONEY is not that important, that's a good thing too because everyone has his/her own priorities in life! 

In the business world, no one is in the wrong. Not the Partner company, not the Blue Print Chefs, not the Junior Consultants, not the Support Consultants, not the Customer, neither is the fault of SAP itself. The persons who play the cards right in the SAP Eco System are the ultimate winners!

Find the balance you desire in your own life and enjoy a beautiful and rewarding SAP career!

Live long and prosper ...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Question no 3388 : Convert PR to

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, you can convert a Purchase Requisition to which of the following ?

(more than one answers)

A)   RFQ.
B)   Purchase Order.
C)   Contract.
D)   Delivery Schedule.
E)   Another Purchase Requisition.

Answer: A, B, C, D, E

All of the above.
D) PR can be assigned to Scheduling Agreement and subsequently to Delivery Schedule via ME59N.
E) Copy PR to another PR.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Question no 3387 : Create Purchase Order from

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, you can create a Purchase Order with reference to which of the following ?

(more than one answers)

A)   Purchase Requisition.
B)   Purchase Order.
C)   Contract.
D)   Scheduling Agreement.
E)   Quota Arrangement.

Answer: A, B, C

PO can be created with ref to PR, RFQ/Quotation, PO, Contract

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Budgeting for an SAP Project

It costs $100,000 to do a Feasibility Study.

It costs another $600,000 to do the Project.

It costs another $300,000 to study why the Project Fail.

It costs $200,000 to come up with a new Project Plan.

It will costs another $1,000,000 to save the Project. 

If Feasibility Study = X and Project Implementation = Y
Project Costs = (X + Y) multiply by 3.14159265359

In other words,
it is initial budgeted amount x PI

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Question no 3386 : To LOCK and UN-LOCK a material master field

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, to LOCK and un-LOCK a field in the Material Master, which of the following are influencing factors ?

(only one answer)

A)   Plant.
B)   Material Type.
C)   Material Group.
D)   Plant and Material Type.
E)   None of the above.

Answer: E

No influencing level, it is configured in IMG at the client level. You may want to check Authorization Profile for an appropriate Authorization Object.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Glass of Water

There was a glass of water on the table...

1st person says, "It's half full". 
He/She is an Thinker.

2nd person says, "It's half empty". 
He/She is a Creepy.

3rd person says, "We need to help you to do a Study on this one". 
He/She is a Management Consultant.

4th person says, "How do you want it to be configured is based on your needs". 
He/She is an SAP consultant.

5th person says, "It's not empty nor full". 
He/She is a Buddhist. 

6th person says, "It's empty when it is full, It's full when it is empty". 
He/She is a Creepy Buddhist SAP Consultant who thinks too much. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Question no 3385 : Cost collection in SAP PLM module

In SAP PLM as at ECC6.0 EhP5, which of the following objects or documents in SAP PLM module can be configured to assist in collecting costs ?

(more than one answers)

A)  Maintenance Notification.
B)  Maintenance Order.
C)  QM Notification.
D)  QM Inspection Lot.
E)   Network Order.

Answer: B, C, D, E

B,E) Both MO and Network Order are similar to PP Prod Order, PI Process Order, or Internal Orders and there are designed to collect costs.

C,D) However, QM Notification and Inspection Lot are not similar to those of B,E) above, but there can be configured to link to a QM Order for cost collection.

A) Maintenance Notification has yet to have any feature itself or link to a cost collector document.

So, in PLM, the following either directly or indirectly can be configured for cost collection:
PS - Network Order
PM - Maintenance Order
CS - Service Order
QM - QM Notification via QM Order
QM - QM Inspection Lot via QM Order