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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Question no 2111 : Item Category Determination for the Delivery Type

In SAP SD/LE ECC6.0, when delivering item-independent of Order, SAP uses the Item Category Determination procedure using the Delivery Type, which of the following are TRUE ?

(more then one answers)

A)   The item category group from the material master will be a criteria.
B)   The higher-level item category is a criteria.
C)   The "Usage" is hard-coded.
D)   The "Usage" is assigned to the Customer-Material Info Record.
E)    New "Usage" can be user-defined via additional Configuration.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Question no 2110 : Item Category not transferred from Source Document

In SAP SD/LE ECC6.0 for the Delivery Process, which of the following scenarios where the item category has to be determined via the Delivery Type rather then copied from the source document ?

(more then one answers)

A)    Order-independent items (packing material).
B)    Delivery type LO (delivery without reference).
C)    Delivery type EL for a purchase order.
D)    Return Delivery via a Sales Order.
E)    Cash Sales-Order.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Question no 2109: Item Category Determination Rule for Sales Document

In SAP SD/LE, which of the following are the criteria affecting the determination of Item Category in a Sales Document ?

(more then one answers)

A)    The Sales document type.
B)    The Shipping point.
C)    The Loading group.
D)    The item category group.
E)    The item category usage.

TERP10_10 Unit 3 Exercise 4 ~ SAP Financial Accounting Basics (Chart of Accounts)

TERP10 SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes
Course Version: 10

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Question no 2108 : When you create a Delivery Order

In SAP SD/LE ECC6.0, when you create a Delivery Order, which of the following possible processes occur ?

(more then one answers)

A)   When the Delivery Order is referenced to a Sales Order, if an Order item is relevant, the item category for the item from the Sales Order is copied to the Delivery Order.
B)    If the Delivery Order for an item is manually entered in the Delivery Order, the item category is determined via the Delivery Type Item Category Determination Rule.
C)   The "Copy Control for Deliveries" configuration determines what type of Sales Order document is valid.
D)   The "Copy Control for Deliveries" configuration determines the Sales Order to combine whether to have the same Sales Organization, Billing Type etc.
E)   The "Copy Control for Deliveries" configuration checks that certain Sales Document header fields in the Source Document meets the right conditions.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Question no 2107 : Controls of Delivery Item Category

In SAP SD/LE, What does the Delivery Item Category Controls ?

(more then one answers)

A)    Route Determination.
B)    Check for Over Delivery.
C)    Automatic Batch Determination.
D)    Partner Determination.
E)    Availability Check.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Question no 2106 : SAP

In SAP ECC6.0, which of the following is not a module in SAP ECC ERP ?

(only one answer)

A)     Materials Management.
B)     Sales and Distribution.
C)     Environment Health and Service
D)     Plant Maintenance.
E)     Tools Management.

Tech07 SE16N

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Question no 2105 : SD Material Master

In SAP SD ECC6.0, the Material Master Sales Data Views for SD Processing are created using which of the following organizational elements ?

(only one answer)

A)    Sales Area and Plant.
B)    Sales Area.
C)    Plant.
D)    Sales Organization and Plant.
E)    Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Plant.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Question no 2104 : Interim Storage Type

In SAP WM ECC6.0, which of the following are not a valid Interim Storage Type in the Standard SAP system ?

(only one answer)

A)  Goods receipt area
B)  Goods issue area
C)  Interim storage area for differences
D)  Posting change zone
E)  Picking area

Friday, November 22, 2013

Question no 2103 : Delivery Process

In SAP SD or LE-Outbound ECC6.0, the delivery process in the shipping function requires at least the following steps ?

(more then one answers)

A)     Create Delivery Order.
B)     Picking.
C)     Packing.
D)     Loading.
E)     Post Goods Issue.

MM Source List Requirement at the Material Master

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Question no 2102 : Lean Warehouse

In SAP SD or WM ECC6.0, which of the following are not required for the Lean Warehouse configuration ?

(more then one answer)

A)    Material Master WM data view.
B)    Storage Bin setup.
C)    Warehouse number.
D)    Storage Section.
E)    Storage Location.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Question no 2101: Shipping Point Configuration

In SAP SD/LE ECC6.0, the Configuration Parameters when defining a Shipping Point are ?

(more then one answers)

A)    Departure Zone.
B)    Factory Calendar.
C)    Address.
D)    Loading Time.
E)    Pick/Pack Time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Question no 2100 : Account Assignment and Item Category

In SAP MM ECC6.0, the configuration of allowed combination of Account Assignment Category and Item Category is done at _______________ .

(only one answer)

A)   Plant level.
B)   Plant and Document type.
C)   Plant, Purchase Organization and Document type.
D)   Purchase Organization and Document type.
E)   None of the above.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Question no 2099 : BW Concepts

In SAP PM ECC6.0 for PMIS BW concepts, the data flow 7.0 uses a more flexible technology then data flow 3.0; which of the following becomes optional at data flow 7.0 ?

(more then one answers)

A)     Info Provider.
B)     Data Source.
C)     Transformation.
D)     Info Source.
E)     Communication Structure.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Question no 2098 : BW Concepts

In SAP PM ECC6.0 for PMIS BW concepts, before the data is written to the Data Source, the data is first stored in the application table for use in the source system. In parallel, it is transferred to the ______________ and fromt here to so called restructuring table; then it is written to the Data Source.

(only one answer)

A)    Extraction Structure.
B)    Distraction Structure.
C)    Subtraction Structure.
D)    Communication Structure.
E)    Information Structure.

PM Handover & Takeover of Technical Objects