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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Question no : 17 MM Master Data Returnable Transport Packaging

The company decided to manage the palettes (or returnable transport packaging) from the vendor in the SAP system. It was decided that these types of material will have no values and accounting postings as the pallets belong to the vendor. The main interest is only to track the quantities.

What is the appropriate material type you should used to create these materials ?

A)   ROH
E)   RTP

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Question no : 16 MM Master Data "UMBW"

Select the correct characteristics of material type "UMBW" in the standard SAP system ?

A)   Without Qty update and without Value update.
B)   Without Qty update but with Value update.
C)   With Qty update and with Value update.
D)   With Qty update but without Value update.
E)    All the above are possible.

Question no : 15 PM Master Data Maintenance Plant

In SAP PM, What is the purpose of the organizational structure object called "Maintenance Plant" designed for the Plant Maintenance module ?

I)      Location of installed operational systems such as equipment and function location.
II)     Where maintenance work centers are assigned to.
III)    Planning for preventive maintenance takes place at.
IV)   Grouping of Logistics Plant for maintenance activities.

A)   I, III.
B)   I, II.
C)   II, III.
D)   I, IV
E)   III, IV.