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Friday, February 6, 2009

Question on : 6 PP Master Data Material BOM

Which of the following objects you CANNOT assign to a "Material BOM" ?

I)   Material Master.
II)  Service Master.
III) Document from the DMS module.
IV) Class.
V)  Production Resource Tool.

A)   II, III, IV, V
B)   II, III, IV.
C)   II, IV, V.
D)   II, III, IV, V.
E)   II, V.

Question no : 5 PP MRP Material Master MRP View

What is TRUE regarding "you cannot access the stock requirements list of a material master if ...."

I)   You did not create at least MRP 1 & 2 views of the material master.
II)  You did create the MRP view but you forgot to enter a valid MRP type in the MRP 1 view.
III) The material does not have any existing demand and supplies.
IV) You left out the Purchasing view for that material master.
V)  Only the Basic view currently is created for that material master.

A)  V only.
B)   II, V.
C)   IV, V.
D)   II, IV, V.
E)   I, II, III, IV, V.

Question no : 4 PP MRP Logic

When will the system flag the "NETCH" indicator for a material master with strategy group 40 ?
(demands = planned independent requirements)

I)   New demands are introduced within the planning horizon.
II)  New demands are introduced outside the planning horizon.
III) The lot size key in the MRP 1 view is changed.
IV) The material status in the MRP 1 view is selected for MRP activation.
V)  Previous demands are removed from the planning horizon.

A)   I, II, V
B)   I, V
C)   II, V
D)   I, II, III, IV, V
E)    I, II, III, V

Question no : 3 PP MRP Lot Sizing Rule

Determine the expected lot size calculated by MRP based on the following data:

  Current stock is 100 units
  MRP type is Re-order point
  Re-order quantity is 500
  Fixed Lot size is 300
  Satety stock is 200
  Rounding value is 50

A) 1 planned order of 400 units.
B) 1 planned order of 600 units.
C) 2 planned orders of 300 units each.
D) 3 planned orders of 200 units each.
E) 1 planned order of 200 units and another planned order of 300 units.