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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Question no 3116 : Purchasing Documents in Maintenance Order Document flow history

In SAP as at ECC6 EhP6, which of the following Purchasing documents can possibly to found in the Document flow history in the Header of the Maintenance Order ?

(More than one answers)

A)  Purchase Requisition.
B)  Purchase Order.
C)  RFQ/Quotation.
D)  Contract.
E)  Scheduling Agreement.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Question no 3115 : Invoice entry affecting Maintenance Order

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, in which status of the Maintenance Order condition that Invoice entries can affected the Actual Cost debited or credited to the Maintenance Order ?

(more than one answers)

A)   Immediate Status Before Release Status.
B)   After Release Status but before Business Closing.
C)   After Technical Completion Status but before Business Closing.
D)   After Business Closing Status.
E)   Immediate Status Before Business Closing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Question no 3114 : LAM data

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following when creating a Functional Location provides the facilitation for entering LAM data for the LAM Fuctional Location ?

(only one answer)

A)  Primary Labeling system.
B)  Structual Indicator.
C)  Object Type.
D)  Functional Location category.
E)  Alernative Labeling system.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Question no 3113 : Refurbishment Goods Receipt

In SAP PM as at ECC6 EhP7, which of the following transaction code is used for the Goods Receipt for Maintenance Order with Refurbishment scenario ?

(only one answer)

A)  MB01.
B)  MB31.
D)  MB1C.
E)  IW8W.

Question no 3112 : Goods Issue for Maintenance Order

In SAP ECC6.0 EhP7, which transaction codes can be used to perform goods issue with reference to a Maintenance Order or its related Reservations ?

(more than one answers)

A)  MB1C.
B)  MB1A.
E)  MB01.

Question no 3111 : Maintenance Order Document Flow

In SAP as at ECC6.0 EhP7, which of the following are updated and can be found in the Header Document flow in a Maintenance Order ?

(more than one answers)

A) Goods Issue Material Document.
B) Goods Receipt Material Document.
C) Service Entry Sheet.
D) Invoice for Non-Stock Purchase Order.
E) Confirmation entries.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Question no 3110 : System Status in Maintenance Order

In which part of the following in the Maintenance Order contain System Status ?

(more than one answers)

A)  Header Maintenance Order System Status.
B)  Operating System Status.
C)  Material System Status.
D)  PRT System Status.
E)  Settlement Rule System Status.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Question no 3109 : Calibration Task List

In SAP QM as at ECC6 EhP6, which of the following are mandatory setup in the Calibration Task List for the Calibration scenario for PM-QM integation ?

(only than one answer)

A)  Inspection Point in the header of the General Task List.
B)  Inspection Point in the Equipment Master.
C)  Inpsection Point in the Master Inspection Characteristics.
D)  Inspection Point in the Maintenance Plan.
E)  Inspection Point in the Operation detail where the Master Inspection Characteristics area assigned at.

SAP PLM Plant Maintenance Thoughts, Tips, and Tricks in Capacity Planning and Scheduling

Friday, March 18, 2016

Question no 3108 : Source Inspection

In SAP QM as at ECC6 EhP6, in which of the following master data object where the Inspection Type for Source Inspection is to be setup at ?

(only one answer)

A)   Material Master QM data view Inspection Type screen area.
B)   Quality Info Record.
C)   Quality Control Key.
D)   Source List.
E)   Source Inspection Record.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Question no 3107 : Object assignments to Master Inspection Characteristics

In SAP QM as at ECC6 EhP6, which of the following objects are optional assignment when creating Master Inspection Characteristics ?

(more than one answers)

A)   Inspection Method.
B)   Class Characteristics.
C)   Catalogs.
D)   Sample Drawing Text.
E)   Info Fields.

Question no 3106 : Revision Level

In SAP QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following QM master data allow creation using Revision Level ?

(More than one answers)

A)   Quality Info Record.
B)   Inspection Plan.
C)   Material Specification.
D)   Inspection Method.
E)   Master Inspection Characteristics.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Question no 3105 : QA08 functionality

In SAP QM as at ECC6 EhP6, the following are correct functionality description on transaction code QA08 except?

(more than one answers)

A)   Create Material Master QM data view.
B)   Assign Inspection Types to the QM data view.
C)   De-activate  QM data view in the Material Master.
D)   Activate and De-activate Inspection Types in the QM view of Material Master.
E)   Remove Inspection Type already created in the QM data view.

Question no 3104 : Inspection Interval

In SAP QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, the 'Inspection Interval' data field in the QM data view of the Material Master is designed for which of the following purpose ?

(only one answer)

A)    Determining Inspection completion date.
B)    MRP planning Finish date calculation.
C)    Replaces the GR processing time for Lead time calculations.
D)    For determining next Recurring inspection.
E)    Inspection lead time for Inspection start and end date calculations.

MEB - Project Analysis

MEB - Completion

MEB - Leveling Capacity for Additional Work

MEB - Rescheduling a Project at the Appropriate Level

MEB Identifying and Attaching Emergent Work

MEB PM-PS Baseline Project Version

MEB Maintenance Execution and reflection in Project Information System

Question no 3103 : Engineering Change for QM

In SAP QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following QM Master data can use Engineering Change Control to manage changes ?

(more than one answers)

A)    Quality Info Record.
B)    Master Inspection Characteristics.
C)    Inspection Plan.
D)    Material Specification.
E)    Inspection Method.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Question no 3101 : Minimum QM requirements

In SAP QM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following are minimum requirement and must have setup for activating a material for quality inspection for goods receipt with reference to purchasing document?

(more than one answers)

A)   Quality Info Record.
B)   Material Master QM data view activation.
C)   Activating QM Control key in the material master.
D)   Activating an appropriate inspection type in the material master.
E)   An Inspection Plan for the material.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Question no 3100 : MEB connecting Notification to Order

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following connects One Maintenance Notification to Multiple Maintenance Orders in Maintenance Event Builder (MEB) ?

(only one answer)

A)   Collective number.
B)   Priority code.
C)   Maintenance Activity Type.
D)   Similar number range for both Document Types.
E)   Revision.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Question no 3099 : PP Master Data

In SAP PP as a ECC6.0 ECC6,  which of the data structures are correctly depicting PP Master Data ?

(more than one answers)

A)  A BOM can first created without Material and Plant.
B)  A BOM can first be created without Material.
C)  A BOM can first be created without a Plant.
D)  A BOM must first be created with a Plant but cannot be created without a Material.
E)  A BOM must first be created with a Material but can be created without a Plant.

Common Tables used in SAP QM

QM Basic Data (Master Inspection Characteristics) 
QPMK - Master Inspection Characteristics
QPMT - Master Inspection Characteristics Text
TQ25 - QM screen sequence for
QFLTP - Quantitative data in Master Inspection Characteristics (Structure)

QM Basic Data (Material Master QM view)
MARC - Material Table which contain QM data view contents
RMQAM - Inspection Type contents (Structure)

Material Master Data Maintenance Change History Report

Material Master Creation KPI data

Common Tables used in SAP Plant Maintenance

Technical Objects (Functional Location)
IFLOT - Functional Location Master Data
IFLOS - Functional Location Labels (Alternative Labeling System)
IFLOTX - FL short text
ILOA - PM Object Location and Account Assignment
IHSG - Object related Permits in PM
IHPA - Partner data

Technical Objects (Equipment)
EQUI - Equipment Master Data
EQKT - Equipment Short Text
EQUZ - Equipment Time Segment Data
ILOA - PM Object Location and Account Assignment
IHSG - Object related Permits in PM
IHPA - Partner data
FLEET - Fleet object specific-data in Technical Objects

Technical Objects (Serial Numbers)
OBJK - Object List for PM
EQBS - Serial Number Stock Segment (from Equipment Master)

Maintenance Work Center
CRHD - Work Center Header
CRCO - Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
CRTX - Work Center Description

TPST - Functional Location BOM Link
EQST - Equipment to BOM Link
MAST - Material to BOM Link
STKO - BOM Header
STPO - BOM Details

INOB - Link between Internal Number and Object
KSSK - Objects allocated to Class
AUSP - Characteristics Value assignments
KLAH - Class Header data
KSML - Characteristics assigned to a Class
SWOR - Class Descriptions
CABN - Characteristics
CAWNT - Values in Characteristics

Task List
EAPL - Allocation of Task List to Equipment
TAPL - Allocation of Task list to Functional Location
PLKO - Task List Header
PLAS - Task List Selection of Operation/Activity
PLPO - Task List Operation and Activity Details

Maintenance Plan
MPLA - Maintenance Plan
MPOS - Maintenance item
PLWP - Maintenance Package allocation to Task List Operations
T351P - Maintenance Package
MHIS - Maintenance Plan History data


Maintenance Notification
TQ80 - Notification by Notification Types
VIQMFE - Code group entries for Catalog Types in Notification

Maintenance Orders
T003O - Order Types
AUFK - Maintenance Order Master
AFIH - Maintenance Order Header data
AFKO - Order Header data
AFVC - Operation within an Order
AFVU - User fields in an Operation
COBRA - Settlement Rule

Common Tables used in SAP Material Management

Material Master
MARA - General Material Data (including Plant/Store data)
MARC - Plant Data for Material (Purchasing, MRP, Work Scheduling, QM view data)
MAKT - Material Descriptions
MARM - Units of Measure for Material
MVKE - Sales Data for Material (Sales Org, DC data view)
MBEW - Material Valuation (Accounting & Controlling related data)
MLGN - Material Data for Warehouse Number (WM data view)
MLGT - Material Data for Warehouse & Storage Type (WM data view 2)
MARD - Storage Location Data for Material
MPOP - Forecasting Parameters
(Do note that some data views data fields are stored in more than one table)

Batch Master
MCHA - Batch Master

Vendor Master
LFA1 - Vendor Master (General Data)
LFB1 - Vendor Master (Company Code Data)
LFBK - Vendor Master (Bank Details)
LFM1 - Vendor Master (Purchasing Data)
LFM2 - Vendor Master (Purchasing Organization Data)

T024 - Purchasing Group
EINA - Purchasing Info Record: General Data
EINE - Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data
EORD - Source List
EBAN - Purchase Requisition
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header
EKPO - Purchasing Document Item
EKBE - Purchasing Document History
EBKN - Account Assignment Data in Purchasing Requisition
EKKN - Account Assignment Data in Purchasing Document
EKAN - Vendor Address in Purchasing Documents
EKES - Vendor Confirmation

Inventory Management
MSEG - Document item detail for Material Document
MKPF - Document header data for Material Document
BSIM - Index for Material to the FI-Document
BSEG - Accounting Document Data
MARD - Storage Location data for Material
MSKA - Sales Order Stock (Special Stock Indicator 'E')
MKOL - Consignment Vendor (Special Stock Indicator 'K')
MSSL - Subcontractor (Special Stock Indicator 'O')
MSPR - Project Stock (Special Stock Indicator 'Q')
MSTB - Stock in Transit
MCHB - Batch Stocks
MBEW - Material Valuation

Invoice Verification
EKBE - Purchasing Document History
RBKP - Invoice Document Header
RSEG - Invoice Document Item

Friday, March 4, 2016

Question no 3098 : Picking Location determination

In SAP LE-WM SD-WM integration, picking Location (warehouse) is determined directly via which of the following infuencing factors ?

A)   Storage Condition in the Material Master Plant/Storage data view.
B)   Shipping Condition in the Customer Master Sales Area/Shipping data view.
C)   Delivery Plant.
D)   Special Movement indicator in the Material Master Warehouse data view.
E)   Shipping Point or Route whichever is available.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Question no 3097 : Storage Bin Search

In SAP LE-WMS as at ECC6 EhP6, which of the following possible checks are performed at the Putaway Process into Storage Bin search step when then Transfer Order is created ?

(more than one answer)

A)   Maximum quality allowed set at the Storage Bin Master.
B)   Maximum capacity allowed set at the Storage Bin Master.
C)   Storage Unit Type allowed for the selected Storage Type.
D)   If the Storage Unit Type is allowed to be Putaway in a Storage Bin with a certain Bin Type.
E)   If the Bin has been blocked for the Putaway Process.