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Friday, June 18, 2010

Question no : 211 PP Long Term Planning Scenario parameters

Which of the following are possible parameters within a Scenario definition in LTP ?

I)    One or more active and non-activie PIR.
II)   One or more non-activie PIR only.
III)  Exclude Sales orders.
IV)  One or more plants.
V)   Exclude Production orders.

A)   I, III, IV.
B)   II, III, IV.
C)   I, III, IV, V.
D)   II, III, IV, V.
E)   I, IV.

Question no : 210 Production - Concepts

In SAP PP, Which sub-module of PP is common for PPDI and PPPI ?

I)    SOP.
II)   MPS.
V)   Production Campaign.

A)   I, II, III.
B)   I, II, III, IV, V.
C)   I, III.
D)   II, III, IV
E)   I, II, III, IV.

Question no : 209 Production - Strategy

In SAP PP, Which of the following is appropriate when we would like to have both sales requirement and warehouse sales as forecast as cumulated requirements ?

A)    Strategy 10.
B)    Strategy 11.
C)    Strategy 20.
D)    Strategy 30.
E)    Strategy 40.

Question no : 208 Production MRP Lot Sizing

In SAP PP, The supplier is providing packaging of 2 types of boxes; type 1 for 100 pcs pack and type 2 for 25 pcs pack. When you requirement is 144, we would like MRP go generate a quantity of 150 (1 box of 100 and 2 boxes of 25). Which of the following parameter is appropriate ?

A)   Rounding value.
B)   Rounding profile.
C)   Fixed lot size.
D)   Minimum 25, Maximum 150.
E)   Creation profile.