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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Question no : 531 ERP Basics Organizations Concepts

TERP10 Unit 1 ERP Basics 
Which of the following can be assigned to a company code ? 

I)    Plant.
II)   Purchase Organization. 
III)  Sales Organization. 
IV)  Distribution Channel.
V)   Division. 

(Select ONE best answer)

A)   I, II.  
B)   I, II, III, V. 
C)   I, II, III.  
D)   I, II, III, IV.  
E)    I, II, III, IV, V. 

Question no : 530 SAP Netweaver Concepts

TERP10 Unit 2 SAP Netweaver
Which of the following is not a fundamental approach to the SAP Netweaver ? 

(Select ONE best answer)

A)   People integration. 
B)   Information integration. 
C)   Process integration. 
D)   Platform integration. 
E)    Application integration.