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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Question no : 238 PP Execution Order Concepts

In SAP PP, which of the following statements are TRUE ?

I)     A BOM is required when creating a production order.
II)    At least one operation is needed when creating a production order.
III)   A production order can be created without a material.
IV)   A production order can be created when saving a Sales Order.

A)    I, II
B)    II only
C)    II, III
D)    I, II, III
E)     I, II, III, IV

Question no : 237 PP MRP Mechanics

In SAP PP, "NETCH" is:

A)    Net Change in total horizon.
B)    Nat Change within planning horizon.
C)    Regenerative. 
D)    Planning Strategy. 
E)    Not related to MRP.

Question no : 236 PP MRP Mechanics

In SAP PP, with Make-to-Stock strategy "11", the MRP calculations considers:

I)    Stocks.
II)   Sales Orders.
III)  Planned Independent Requirements.
IV)  Sales Orders Consumes the PIR.
V)   Existing Production Orders.

A)   I, III, V
B)   III
C)   III, V
D)   I, III, V
E)   I, II, III, IV, V

Question no : 235 PP MRP Planning concepts

In SAP MM/PP, MRP can be set to automatically create which of the following MRP element ?

I)     Purchase Requisition.
II)    Purchase Order.
III)   Production Order.
IV)   Delivery schedule for Scheduling Agreement.
V)    Delivery schedule for Sales Order.

A)    I, II, IV
B)    I, IV, V
C)    I, II, III, IV
D)    I, IV
E)     I, II, III, IV, V

Question no : 234 PP MRP Stock Requirement List

In SAP MM for MRP, which of the following can be viewed as an MRP element in the Stocks Requirements List ?

I)    Quotation.
II)   RFQ.
III)  Contract.
IV)  Purchase Requisition.
V)   Quota Arrangement.

A)   I, IV.
B)   I, III, IV.
C)   III, IV.
D)   IV, V.
E)   IV.

Question no : 233 PP MRP Evaluation

In SAP MM, You can view the most updated planning and execution data (such as Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order), which of the following transaction would be most suitable:

A)    MRP List.
B)    Stock Requirement List.
C)    Standard Analysis for Material List.
D)    Stock Overview.
E)     Material Document list.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Question no : 232 LE EWM Cross Docking

In SAP LE-WMS, Which one of the following are valid EWM cross-docking scenario?

I)   Transportation Cross-Docking (TCD) supports the transportation of 
handling units (HUs) across different distribution centers or warehouses.
II) You get Transportation Cross-Docking by default when you implement 
Transportation Management.
III) Pick From Goods Receipt (PFGR) supports the transportation of 
handling units (HUs) across different distribution centers or warehouses.
IV) Push Deployment (PD) and Pick From Goods Receipt (PFGR) are 
standard planed cross-docking processes.

A)   I
B)   I, II
C)   I, II, III
D)   II
E)   II, III, IV 

Question no : 231 LE WMS Quant

In SAP WMS, what are the characteristics of the formation and splitting of a quant:

I)    Material number.
II)   Stock category.
III)  Special stock assignment.
IV)  Plant and storage location.
V)   Material's batch number.

A)   I, II, III
B)   I, II
C)   I, II, III, IV
D)   II, III, IV, V
E)   I, II, III, IV, V

Question no : 230 LE WMS Basic Concepts

In SAP WMS, which of the following statement is true ?

I)   The system always takes into account the picking are  for each stock removal.
II)   The system always takes into account the storage section seach strategy for each stock placement.
III)   The system will only determine the batches after the storage bin search has been completed.
IV)   The system can always automatically create transfer orders without a transfer requirement for each stock placement.
V)    The system will determine the batches before the storage bin seach has been completed.

A)    I, II, III, IV.
B)    I, II, IV, V.
C)    III, IV.
D)    III, V.
E)    V only.

Question no : 229 LE WMS Stringent FIFO

In SAP WMS, In "Stringent FIFO" stock removel strategy, the system always proposes ____ for removal from storage :

A)   The oldest quant in the entire warehouse number.
B)   The oldest quant in multiple warehouses.
C)   The oldest quant in the storage type of the warehouse number.
D)   The oldest quant in selected storage types for the warehouse number.
E)    The oldest quant in selected storage sections for a paricular storage type.

Question no : 228 LE WMS Concepts

In SAP WMS, What options are available for thre return transfers of remaining quantities when there is a full stock removal requirement ?

I)    Return transfer to the source bin.
II)   Put away into a seperate bin.
III)  Scrap the quantity.
IV)  Remain quantity in the destinations storage bin
V)   Charge the quantity to a cost center.

A)   I, II, V
B)   II, IV, V
C)   I, III, IV
D)   I, II, IV
E)    I, II, IV, V

Question no : 227 LE WMS Cycle Count

In SAP WMS, the "CC Physical inventory indicator" is set in which data view of the material master ?

A)   The WMS view 2 Warehouse and Storage type data level.
B)   The WMS view 1 Warehouse data level.
C)   The Plant/Storage data 1 view at the Plant level.
D)   The Plant/Storage data 2 view at the Storage location level related to the warehouse.
E)    The Configuration at the Storage type level. 

Question no : 226 LE WMS Physical Count

In SAP WMS, when the results of goods issue or removal resulting a bin to be empty, a physical inventory requirement is necessary; this is done by setting which indicator the storage type in the configuration ?

A)    "ZeroCKIn" indicator.
B)    "ZeroCheck" indicator.
C)    "Cycle" indicator.
D)    "ABC" indicator.
E)     "Continous" indicator.

Question no : 225 LE WMS Master Data

In SAP WMS, when defining the Grid for Creating Storage bins and subsequently generating them; which of the following Additional data can be entered for the mass creation of the storage bins, which of the following data field is not available for input in that configuration ?

I)    Storage Section.
II)   Storage Bin Type.
III)  Total Capacity.
IV)  Sort Variables.
V)   Picking Area.

Question no : 224 LE WMS Master Data

In SAP WMS, the strategy to putaway to an empty bin could use an index of empty storage bins that is usaully created on the basis of the complete storage bin coordindates, what is this called ?

A)   Sort Variables.
B)   Bin Search strategy.
C)   Bin Types.
D)   Structural Indicator.
E)    Cross-line stock putaway.

Question no : 223 LE WMS Organization Structure

In SAP WMS, Which of the following organizationl structuring is not possible in SAP WMS ?

A)    Assigning a warehouse to one storage location.
B)    Assigning a warehouse to more then one storage location belonging to the same plant.
C)    Assigning a warehouse to more then one storage location belonging to different plants but same company.
D)    Assigning a werehouse to more then one storage location belonging to different plants and different company.
E)    None of the above.

Question no : 222 LE WMS Concepts

In SAP WMS, In WMS configuration, when the "automatic transfer order" creation has been setup for a specific movement type, you can then no longer able to craete the transfer order using the manual methods.

Is the statement above True of False ?

Question no : 221 LE WMS Special Movement Indicator

In SAP WMS, you can use the special movmenet indicator to:

I)    Create the Transfer Orders immediately.
II)   Put away a material directly into the intended fixed bin.
III)  Automatic creation as well as confirmation of Transfer Orders.
IV)  Replenishment of re-order quantity for a bin in a Control Cycle.

A)   I, II
B)   I, II, III
C)   II, III
D)   II, III, IV
E)    I, III, IV

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Question no : 220 FI Posting Concept

In SAP FI, In Financial Documents, each document line item contain one of this element and the purpose is to instruct the system to perform a debit or credit, what is it ?

A)    Posting Key.
B)    Document Type.
C)    Valuation Key.
D)    Account Modifier.
E)     Account Indicator.

Question no : 219 ERP Basic Concepts

In SAP ERP, Which of the following are primary master data in an ERP system ?

I)    Customer.
II)   Vendor.
III)  Balance Sheet.
IV)  Material Master.
V)   Cost Center.

A)   I, II
B)   I, II, III
C)   I, II, IV
D)   IV, V
E)    I, II, IV, V

Question no : 218 MM Org Structure Basics

In SAP MM, In an effort to define organizational structuring for MM; what are the correct organizational assignment statements:

I)    A plant can be assigned to two company codes.
II)   A company codes can have many plants assigned to it.
III)  A purchasing organization can be assigned to many plants.
IV   A purchasing organization can be assigned to many company codes.

A)   II, IV
B)   I, II, III
C)   I, III, IV
D)   II, III, IV
E)   II, III

Question no : 217 LE WMS Process Concept

In SAP WMS, The creation of TR, or even a TO in the background to request all of the pick parts immeidately when a production order is released can be setup using which of the following parameter ?

A)   Control cycle.
B)   Produciton supply area.
C)   Production scheduling profile.
D)   Material master.
E)    WM-PP movement type interface.

Question no : 216 LE WMS Process (Staging Material for Production)

In SAP WMS, When staging for multiple-orders is required, ie: the system checks how many release work orders require the material and in what quantity, and creates a transfer requirement for the total quantity; which of the following material staging indicator is recommended ?

A)   Indicator 1 (pick part)
B)   Indicator 2 (crate part)
C)   Indicator 3 (release order part)
D)   Indicator 4 (manual staging)
E)   Indicator 5 (multiple-order part)

Question no : 215 LE WMS Warehouse Activity Monitor

In SAP WMS, When defining critical parameters for the Warehouse Activity Monitor in customizing, what control parameters are possible for "Unconfirmed Transfer Orders" ?

I)    Warehouse number.
II)   Material type.
III)  Souce storage type.
IV)  Critical duration.
V)   Material group.

A)   I, II, IV.
B)   I, III, IV.
C)   II, III, IV.
D)   II, IV, V.
E)    I, II, III, IV, V.

Question no : 214 LE WMS Warehouse Activity Monitor

In SAP WMS, Which of the following objects are not available fo in the warehouse activity monitor ?

A)   Unconfirmed transfer orders
B)   Open tranfer requirements
C)   Negative stocks
D)   Interim Storage stocks
E)   Unconfirmed production orders

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Question no : 213 LE WMS Strategies

In SAP WMS, Which of the following strategy would you recommend if the expiry dates of quants of all stocks in the whole warehouse is to be considered for stock removal strategy ?

A)   LIFO.
B)   Stringent LIFO.
C)   FIFO.
D)   Stringent FIFO.
E)   Total Removal.

Question no : 212 LE WMS Pick Location

In SAP WMS, Picking Location can be determined using which of the parameter from the material master ? 

A)   Shipping Point.
B)   Storage Indicator. 
C)   Storage Condition. 
D)   Material Type. 
E)   Material Group.