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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Question no 2362 : Estimated Costs in Maintenance Order

In SAP PM ECC6.0 EhP5, the Estimated Cost has which of the following feature ?

(more then one answers)

A)   It can only be entered before setting the Order to Release Status.
B)   Estimated Cost can be entered at both Value Category and Cost Element level.
C)   Estimated Cost are never reported at the Cost Element level.
D)   The Estimated Costs can be switch off for each Order Type.
E)   Estimated Cost can be entered as long as the Order is not at TECO status.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Question no 2360 : Hierarchy Task List

In SAP PM ECC6.0, which of the following tools allows you to convert a Notification assigned with a Hierarchy Task list to more then one Maintenance Order with a Revision number ?

(only one answer)

A)    WPS1 Maintenance Event Builder.
B)    IW38 Change Order List.
C)    IW70 Scheduling of Overall Network.
D)    IW36 Create Special Sub-Order.
E)    LBK1 Logbook.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Question no 2359 : After a Maintenance Order is Technically Completed.

In ECC6.0 Plant Maintenance, when a Maintenance Order is Technically Completed, which of the following systems responses are correct when you perform the respective transactions ?

A)   Conversion of Non-Stock Purchase Requisitions to Purchase Order are not allowed.
B)   Goods Receipt of Non-Stock Purchase Orders are not allowed.
C)   Invoices of Non-Stock Purchase Orders are not allowed.
D)   Changes to the Settlement Rule of the Maintenance Order is allowed.
E)   If the Maintenance Order Cost Balances are not Zero, you may not set it to Business Completion.

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