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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question no : 12 MM Purchasing Consumable Scenario

What is the minimum material master data view required for Consumable Scenario Procurement ?

A)  Basic, Purchasing, and Accounting view.
B)  Basic, Purchasing, Accounting, and Costing view.
C)  Purchasing, Accounting, and Costing view.
D)  Purchasing, and Accounting view.
E)  Purchasing view.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Question no : 11 MM Purchasing Quota Arrangement case study

Consider the following scenario:
... Quota arrangement
    Vendor A : Quota = 2 / Quota Alloc.Qty = 1000 / Quota Based Qty = 0
    Vendor B : Quota = 1 / Quota Alloc.Qty = 500 / Quota Based Qty = 0
    Vendor C : Quota = 1 / Quota Alloc.Qty = 0 / Quota Based Qty = 10000
... All Vendor are valid Sources
The next Procurement Quantity of 2000
Lot sizing rule for the material was set to be Lot for Lot without splitting. 

Determine which vendor is selected via Source Determination.

A) Vendor A.
B) Vendor B.
C) Vendor C.
D) Vendor A and Vendor B with quantity split based on the Quota Ratios.
E) No Source can be determined.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Question no : 10 CO Product Costing Costing Sheet

In SAP CO, The costing sheet used for determining the overhead cost is assigned directly to which of the following CO object ?

A)  Valuation Variant.
B)  Costing Variant.
C)  Bills of Material & Routing Header.
D)  Material Master Costing View.
E)  Cost Estimate Table.