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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Question no 3472 : Gross Requirement Planning indicators in PP Long Term Planning Scenario

In SAP PP as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following 2 settings are available for the Gross Requirement Planning control indicators in a PP Long Term Planning Scenario ?

(more than one answers)

A)  Switch off scarp calculation.
B)  Change scrap factor percentage.
C)  User gross lot size.
D)  Change from Net to Gross Planning.
E)  Switch the MRP Strategy from 10 to 11.

Answer: A, C

Review parameters possible in MS31

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Question no 3471 : Long Term Planning Scenario Stock settings

In SAP PP as at ECC6.0 EhP6, the Stock settings in a Long Term Planning Scenario provides the following Opening Stock scenario EXCEPT one ?

(only one answer)

A)  No opening stock.
B)  Opening stock as safety stock.
C)  Plant stock at the time of planning.
D)  Average Plant stock from the material master.
E)  Exclude QI and Bock stock.

Answer: E

Review MS31 under control parameters segment, opening stock field selection possibilities.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Question no 3470 : Partner Procedure in PM

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP7, the Partner Determination Procedure can be assigned to the following objects in PM EXCEPT one ?

(only one answer)

A)   Equipment Category.
B)   Functional Location Category.
C)   Measuring Point Category.
D)   Maintenance Notification Type.
E)   Maintenance Order Type.

Answer: C

Not yet possible to MP Category. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Question no 3469 : Partner Function Unique

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following describes the Partner Function "Unique" setting correctly ?

(only one answer)

A)  The same Partner can be entered with the same Partner function in the same Document.
B)  The same Partner can be entered with the same Partner function in another Document.
C)  The Partner function concerned cannot exist twice in the same Document.
D)  Only one Partner function can exist in the same Document.
E)  Only one Partner function can exist across multiple Documents for the same Object Type.

Answer: C

With the Partner Function "Unique" checkbox ticked, you cannot enter the same Partner Function twice in the same document. Eg: you have click the "VU" checkbox for a Partner Function, in this case you cannot enter "VU" twice in the same Document. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Question no 3468 : Internal Replenishment

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following is a Procurement Type that can be recommended for Replenishment from Main Warehoues (SLoc) to MRP Area SLoc ?

(only one answer)

A)  Special Procurement Key 15.
B)  Special Procurement Key 25.
C)  Special Procurement Key 35.
D)  Special Procurement Key 45.
E)  Special Procurement Key 55.

Answer: D

see OMD9
Special Procurement Key 45 for Stock Transfer from Plant to MRP Area.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Guess what's the Profession

A Tale of my neighbours ...

Our neighbourhood are terrance houses, back in the 80s where 1 1/2 story houses are still built by developers amongts mostly 2 story houses. These houses have a small porch which can take in only one car, and beyond the main gates to the house, can generally have enough space for another car, a 3rd car will be really tight and hoarding part of driving side of the road.

My neighbour lives 3 young persons in their late 30s and early 40s, by the end of the story, I 'd like you to guess what are the professions of these 2 persons (my neighbour), a brother and his elder sister!

Firstly, they have 4 cars. 1 BMW, 1 Mercedes, 1 Vios, and 1 monster Ford Pickup Truck. The brother owns the BMW and that monster truck, while the elder sister I think drives the BMW!

A few weeks ago, with our already known limited spaces for parking, the brother parked his car in front of another neighbours house blocking entrance and exit from that house. That neighbour drives a Kelisa! That Kelisa neighbour came home with some guess, not able to open the gate to drive his car in, honked for a very long time, only after more than 30 minutes, the brother came out furiously to shout at the Kelisa neighbour and his guess for honking and them touching his oversized Mercedes 6 series. Some of the most disgusted foul language cross-fired between them, mostly from that brother.

Just to side-track before the story continues, the brother next door wears very neat long sleaves shirts (sometimes short sleave) with 2 leather trolley bags and carries a suit/garment bag for his suit to work. It seems that when he goes out with that attire, he returns home only several weeks later. Sometimes, I see him carries a load of durian at the back of his monster ford pickup truck. He is divorced with one kid living with him and another parted with his wife. His ex-wife is a successful business woman. 

The exchange of non-PG rated foul languages went on for quite some time and them pushing each other and the brother threatened to get his gangster friends to beat him up. Seeing this, the Kelisa neighbour's guess rang for the police. Indeed, the police came, not only the brother did not stop his invation of foul languages and fighting gestures but extended it to the police. The brother looked at the police's rank insignia and threatened to get his high ranking police friends to remand/punish that police. The story need not go on, but what do you think is the profession of this brother ? 

Oh, wait a minute! a day later, his elder sister while walking their dog, collect the dog poo and throw them into that neighbours house compound! and what do you think is the profession of the brother's elder sister ? 

No, they are not SAP Consultants. 
You wouldn't have guess it anyway.
The brother is a Pilot while her sister is an Environmentalist.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Question no 3467 : Non-Valuated Goods Receipt

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following Goods Receipt Transactions are not necessarily Goods Receipt in Non-Valuated Stocks ?

(more than one answers)

A)   GR from a Consignment Purchase Order.
B)   GR into GR-Blocked Stock.
C)   GR of a Material with Material Type "UNBW".
D)   GR of a Material with Material Type "NLAG".
E)   GR of a Subcontracting Purchase Order.

Answer: A, C

A) Consignment PO have no price, stocks do not belong to us, there are never valuated when received into the Warehouse.
B) Movement type 103 is Goods Receipt into Non Valuated GR-Block Stock, however Movement type 105 is GR to Goods Receipt into Valuated GR-Block Stock.
C) Material Type "UNBW" is delivered with Qty update but without Value update (that was the intended design), and it is expected to maintain stocks in qty with the value charged out at GR time.
D) Material Type "NLAG" is delivered without both Qty and Value update. And therefore it never goes into the warehouse.
E) Subcontracting PO GR can be both with or without value of stock as it depends on the material in question in the Subcontracting PO.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Question no 3466 : Create Source List

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following cannot generate source list ?

(only one answer)

A)  Purchase Info Record.
B)  Quota Arrangement.
C)  Contract.
D)  Scheduling Agreement.
E)  Central Contract.

Answer: B

MEQ1 not possible.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Question no 3465 : Source List for Material Master

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following are possible Source List for Material Master ?

(more than material master)

A)  Vendor.
B)  Supplying Plant.
C)  Vendor with Contract.
D)  Vendor with Scheduling Agreement.
E)  Central Contract.

Answer: A, B, C, D, E

Review ME01

Monday, November 13, 2017

Question no 3464 : Creating an FOC Purchase Order

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following is possible to create a Free of Charge Purchase Order ?

(only one answer)

A)   Remove the field of PO Price using Field Selection in the configuration.
B)   Ensure MAP or Standard Price is zero in the Material Master.
C)   Set zero price in the Purchasing Info Record.
D)   Use Item Category "F" for FOC item.
E)   Select "Free" Indicator in PO item.

Answer: E

In ME21N, scroll to right of item overview, next to Info Record field is column R (Return) and F (Free).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Question no 3463 : Serial and EQ synchronization

In SAP Plant Maintenance as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following settings ensure that the Serial and Equipment Number are synchronized ?

(only one answer)

A)  Serial Profile.
B)  Equipment Category.
C)  Serial Category.
D)  Serial Level.
E)  Creation Profile.

Answer: D

Material Master Plant/Data Storage view 2

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Question no 3462 : Material BOM Assignment in PM

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP7, the Material BOM can be Assigned to which of the following ?

(more than one answers)

A)   Maintenance Plan Header.
B)   Maintenance Plan Item.
C)   Task List Header.
D)   Equipment.
E)   Functional Location.

Answer: C, D, E

C) as Assembly (IA05,06)
D) as Construction Type in Structure tab in IE01, IE02
E) as Construction Type in Structure tab in IL01, IL02

Friday, November 3, 2017

Question no 3461 : PM BOM Application

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, what is the purpose of the Plant Maintenance BOM Application ?

(only one answers)

A)   To decide which BOM usage priority.
B)   To decide which BOM item category.
C)   To decide which BOM dates.
D)   To decide whether to use Equipment BOM or Material BOM.
E)   To decide whether to use Functional Location BOM or Material BOM.

Answer: A

BOM Application contain a selection ID which in turn contain priority of BOM Usage.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Question no 3460 : PM Master data link possibilities

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following are possible link assignments in PM Master Data ? 

(more than one answers)

A)  Equipment already created can be linked to Material-Serial.
B)  Equipment already created can be linked to Material without Serial.
C)  Material-Serial already created can be linked to an Equipment.
D)  A Material can be received into Serial and Equipment.
E)  A Material can be received as Serial without Equipment.

Answer: A, B, C, D, E 

All Possible.