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Monday, February 8, 2021

Question no 3799 : Create Purchase Order

In SAP MM as at S/4 1909, which of the following is the minimum data view to create a Purchase Order ?

(only one answer)

A)  Basic, Purchasing, MRP, Plant/Storage, Accounting data views.
B)  Basic, Purchasing, MRP, Accounting data views.
C)  Basic, Purchasing, Accounting data views.
D)  Purchasing, Accounting data views.
E)  Purchasing data view.

Answer: E

The answer could either be D or E.
But "E" recommended as the Question statement does not specify a scenario and in this case open for interpretation. 
If it is a Material with "ROH" and the OMS2 configuration for the Plant is with "Qty update" and with "Value update" then the system expects minimum Purchasing and Accounting data views as Stock Posting (Dr Stock Account) is expected with "Value update" using the Accounting data view's Valuation Class to determine to Stock Account.
However if the "Value update" indicator is NOT set at the Plant for the Material Type configuration in OMS2; it is sufficient to have just the Purchasing data view to create a Purchase Order with Accounting Assignment entry as Stock Posting is not possible without the Accounting data view. The Accounting assignment PO will be charged to Expenses account at GR.
Therefore, the Material Type configurations "Value update" indicator plays a role in this Purchase Order creation scenario for with or without Accounting data view.
In case, the system detects in ME21N that PO creation is not possible due without without Accounting data view, a message ME047 is prompted as ERROR (The accounting data is necessary for the current processing), proceed to extend the Material with an Accounting view or choose a Plant set without "Value update" that is assigned to that Material Type in OMS2.

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