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Monday, December 19, 2011

Question no 1453 : Planning Plant

In SAP PM, which of the following statements are TRUE about the Planning Plant ?

(more then one answers)

A)     When a Logistics Plant is created, it is already a Planning Plant.
B)     Planner Groups are unique to Planning Plants in the Customizing.
C)     The Planning Plant entry is required in the initial screen of the Maintenance Order creation screen.
D)     The Planning Plant entry is required in the initial screen of the Notification creation screen.
E)     Assigning a Planning Plant in the Equipment Master is optional.


  1. A) When a Logistics Plant is created; it can be immediately taken up as a Maintenance Plant and not a Planning Plant yet. You need to configure it to behave as a Planning Plant in a separate configuration under the PM Enterprise Definition IMG.

  2. B) Planner Group are not unique, you can create the same planner group ID for another planning plant.

  3. C, D) Planning Plant is required either manually entered or defaulted from the Technical Object when creating a Maintenance Order but not a Maintenance Notification.

  4. E) When a Technical is created; both the Maintenance Plant and Planning Plant are optional in the standard SAP system.


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