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Friday, November 4, 2011

Question no 1424 : Source List

In SAP MM, which of the following are not true about the Source List ?

(more then one answers)

A)     Vendor, Contract, and scheduling agreement can be a source of supply in the Source List.
B)     A source list contains pricing conditions.
C)     In order to use the source list, it must be activated in the material master.
D)     Both Contract and Scheduling agreement can be included in a source list.
E)     A source list is always created for a material at the plant level.


  1. B, C) The Purpose of a Source List is to determine the source and does not store the pricing conditions (After the Source is determined, the pricing conditions can be from the Outline Agreements or the Info Record). The Source List Requirement indicator in the material master is to ensure the source must be registered in the Source Lits as a pre-requisite to procurement. However, Source List is recognized for Source Determination regardless of the indicator set in the material master.

  2. A, D) Vendor, Contract, SA or Plant can all be source of supply in the source list. However, Plant as a source list is usually used together with the Quota Arrangement.

  3. E) In fact, both Source List and Quota Arrangement are at Plant level with the material master.


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