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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Question no 1370 : Standard Purchasing Organization

In SAP MM, the purpose of Standard Purchasing Organization is used for the following EXCEPT ?

(more then one answers)

A)   Pipeline process during retrospective goods issue.
B)   Consignment process during goods issue or transfer to own stock.
C)   Subcontracting process during goods receipt of assembly item and declaring consumption of components.
D)   Auto Generation of Purchase Order from Purchase Requisition.
E)   Auto Generation of Purchase Order at Goods Receipt.


  1. When good issue for pipeline material, there is no PO, the goods issue screen expects the user to enter the pipeline materal, vendor, and plant only. In IMG, there is a Standard Pur Org assiged to the Plant. In this way, the system finds the Purchasing Info Record for the pipeline material for the agreed price with the vendor for the goods issue.

  2. A consignment PO has no price. Consignment material when received is not valuated. Liability is only created when consignment stocks are goods issued or transferred to own stock. During the goods issue procee, it is very similar to pipeline goods issue og how the system lokks for the consingment info record.

  3. Auto PO generation at GR was introduced in R/3 4.0, it is very similar the pipeline and consignment goods issue where the Standard Pur Org assigned to the plant is the final info required to look for the info record for the price of material. At the end of the goods receipt, a PO is generated. When the PO is generated, it is also saves with the PO history.


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