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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Question no 1004 : PM Organization

In SAP PM, which of the following organization concepts are correct ?

(more then one answers)

A)     A logistics plant when created, it is also behave as a maintenance plant.
B)     Multiple maintenance planning plants can be assigned to a maintenance plant.
C)     A maintenance plant can be used as an organization for spare parts storage.
D)     Multiple planner groups can be assigned to a maintenance planning plant.
E)     A maintenance plant can only have one maintenance work center.


  1. A) Yes, when a Logistic Plant is created; no further configuration is required for it to have the behavior as a Maintenance Plant.

  2. B) Only ONE Planning Plant can be assigned to each Immanence Plant.

  3. C) Yes, you can think of a Maintenance Plant used as a spare parts storage as long as you configure storage locations for it in the MM Enterprise Definition configuration.

  4. D) Indeed, each Planing Plant can be assigned with one or more planner groups in the IMG.

  5. E) There are no configuration that limits the number of maintenance work centers that can be created for each maintenance plant.


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